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Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program for Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

The AU-ABC Program allows airmen who have completed any CCAF AAS degree to enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies program with APUS and receive the guarantee of completing their bachelor degree in 60 semester hours or less.

The BA in General Studies degree program offers students a great deal of flexibility in the courses they can take. The Major requirements consist of 36 semester hours, separated into the four sections listed below, and require the student to complete 9 semester hours from each section.

  • Management and Technology
  • Culture, Society and the Environment
  • National and Local Security
  • Liberal and Interpretive Arts

As part of the AU-ABC Program for BA in General Studies, participating students are guaranteed 9 semester hours of Major requirement transfer credit. All participating students will be awarded 3 semester hours for APUS course MGMT312 - Leadership and Motivation, which will apply toward the Management and Technology requirements. The remaining 6 semester hours of guaranteed Major requirement transfer credit are awarded based on the learning outcomes of the specific CCAF AAS degree the student earned and can be identified using the table below.

Please Note:  If a student has earned multiple CCAF AAS degrees, the most recent degree conferred will be used for those students participating in the AU-ABC Program for BA in General Studies.

In addition to the 9 semester hours of guaranteed Major transfer credit, students may potentially be awarded additional transfer credit toward their Major requirements depending on the specific course work previously completed, which will be evaluated on an course by course basis and awarded according to current Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) policies and guidelines.

Credit awarded from this articulation agreement is considered traditional transfer credit.


In order to be eligible for participation in this program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a conferred CCAF AAS degree.
  • Be enrolled and admitted in a BA in General Studies program with APUS.
  • Have been admitted into their APUS BA in General Studies program AFTER April 1, 2010
    Have completed their CCAF AAS degree AFTER April 1, 2010.


  • A student has met the terms of the agreement and is eligible for the AU-ABC Program for BA in General Studies if they have completed a CCAF AAS degree, are pursuing a BA in General Studies with APUS AFTER April 1, 2010, and have not yet had an Initial TCE completed.
  • If an Initial TCE has already been prepared and the student completed their CCAF AAS degree AFTER April 1, 2010, they can send in the updated paperwork. A TCE Update Request Form must also be submitted to initiate the review process.
  • If a student has earned a CCAF AAS degree and changes their degree program to a BA in General Studies, the student is eligible for the AU-ABC Program.
    WARNING:  If a student changes their program from an eligible AU-ABC program to the BA in General Studies, they may not receive the same Core/Major courses they were awarded on their previous AU-ABC TCE. Core/Major credits awarded toward other AU-ABC programs will NOT apply toward a BA in General Studies. Any student initiating a program change voluntarily agrees to: (1) all new program requirements for their new APUS program as outlined in the current APUS catalog, (2) forfeiting their previous TCE award, and (3) having a new TCE performed which will be conducted using current transfer credit policies and guidelines.

Students must send in an official CCAF transcript detailing their AAS degree conferral, along with all other required admission documents. Credits from previous institutions transferred into a CCAF AAS degree award will be incorporated into the AU-ABC TCE award and will be reviewed on a course by course basis. For detailed steps on beginning the Transfer Credit Evaluation process, visit our "Getting Started" page.

The table below details the specific transfer credit a participating student will receive toward their Major requirements. All participating students receive 3 semester hours (SH) of transfer credit for APUS course MGMT312 - Leadership and Motivation, which is applied toward the Management and Technology requirements. The remaining 6 SH of Major requirement transfer credit are applied as omnibus credit. (Omnibus credit is upper level transfer credit which applies to a student's specific area of study within their Major requirements, but for which APUS does not offer an equivalent course.)

To use this table, a student should locate their most recently conferred CCAF AAS degree in the left column, and then look in the adjacent columns to identify the area of study to which their omnibus transfer credit will be applied.  

CCAF AAS Degree 
APUS BA in General Studies
Major Requirements - Areas of Study
and the
and Local

Interpretive Arts

Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology (4VAB)6 SH   
Aerospace Historian (9DHK)6 SH
Aerospace Physiology Technology (7GAN)6 SH   
Air & Space Operations Technology (4VAS)6 SH   
Air Traffic Operations and Management (2IAA)6 SH
Aircraft Armament Systems Technology (4VRY)  6 SH 
Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technology (4VAN)6 SH
Aircrew Safety Systems Technology (4VAT)6 SH   
Airway Science (4VEN)6 SH   
Allied Health Sciences (7GAL)  6 SH 
Aviation Maintenance Technology (4VAD)6 SH   
Aviation Management (1AVY)6 SH   
Aviation Operations (4VCB)6 SH   
Avionic Systems Technology (4VHS)6 SH   
Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology (7GAM) 6 SH  
Biomedical Equipment Technology (7GAA)  6 SH 
Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Technology (7GDA)  6 SH 
Communications Applications Technology (2IAL)  6 SH 
Computer Science Technology (0CYY)6 SH   
Construction Technology (4VEB)6 SH   
Contracts Management (1CAO)6 SH   
Criminal Justice (9IJY)  6 SH 
Cybersecurity (1B4X1)6 SH
Dental Assisting (7GBC)  6 SH 
Dental Laboratory Technology (7GBB)  6 SH 
Diagnostic Imaging Technology (7GDH)  6 SH 
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (7GDK)  6 SH 
Dietetics and Nutrition (7GAD)  6 SH 
Education & Training Management (2BAC) 6 SH  
Electronic Systems Technology (4VHP)6 SH   
Emergency Management (9IMY)  6 SH 
Entomology (3ALC)6 SH
Environmental Systems Technology (9IEY) 6 SH  
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (4VRC)  6 SH 
Financial Management (9GEC)6 SH   
Fire Science (9IFY)  6 SH 
Health Care Management (7GCY)  6 SH 
Histologic Technology (7GAE)  6 SH 
Human Resource Management (1AOY)6 SH   
Information Management (1AUY)6 SH   
Information Systems Technology (0IYY)6 SH   
Instructor of Technology & Military Science (2IBB) 6 SH  
Intelligence Studies and Technology (9INZ)6 SH
Logistics (1AMY)6 SH   
Maintenance Production Management (4VJG)6 SH   
Mechanical & Electrical Technology (4VGA)6 SH   
Medical Laboratory Technology (7GAF)  6 SH 
Mental Health Services (7GAP) 6 SH  
Metals Technology (4VLB)6 SH   
Missile & Space Systems Maintenance (4VAK)6 SH   
Multimedia Production Services (2IAJ)   6 SH
Munitions Systems Technology (4VRA)6 SH   
Music (2CHB)   6 SH
Nondestructive Testing Technology (4VXR)6 SH   
Nuclear Medicine Technology (7ABJ)  6 SH 
Ophthalmic Technician (7GDI)  6 SH 
Paralegal (1CAM)  6 SH 
Personnel Recovery (7GDP)  6 SH 
Pharmacy Technology (7GAH)  6 SH 
Physical Therapist Assistant (7GAI)  6 SH 
Public Affairs (2FDE)   6 SH
Public Health Technology (7ECY)  6 SH 
Restaurant, Hotel & Fitness Management (1FRS)6 SH   
Safety (9IIY)  6 SH 
Scientific Analysis Technology (4VES)6 SH   
Social Services (9IKY) 6 SH  
Surgical Services Technology (7GEA)  6 SH 
Survival Equipment (4VPF)  6 SH 
Survival Instructor (2IBS) 6 SH  
Transportation (1ATY)  6 SH 
Vehicle Maintenance (4VKC)6 SH   
Weather Technology (8FYY) 6 SH  

For more information, please visit the AU-ABC Program FAQ's page.