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 Educational Partnerships: Community Colleges

APUS is proud to work within our students’ communities and provide the opportunity for community college graduates to seamlessly continue their post-secondary educational pursuits by enrolling in one of our bachelor’s degree programs. As part of this effort, APUS has established partnerships in education for transfer credit with many community colleges, whereby graduates from our partner institutions possessing an associate degree may transfer in credits earned while achieving their associate degree.

Featured Schools

We welcome students from all community colleges, but the featured schools have agreemetns on this list directly align earned associate degrees to our bachelor's degrees, meaning community college graduates can complete their bachelor's degrees with up to 69 guaranteed transferable credits. Select a community college for more information:

Block Transfer Schools

Similar to our schools with course crosswalks, block transfer agreements help you to seamlessly continue your post-secondary educational pursuits by transferring in as a block all the credit earned in achieving your associate degree. Through the block transfer method, you will not go through a course-by-course evaluation of your course credits, as all of your conferred associate degree credits may transfer as a group.

Students participating in a block transfer agreement:

  • Have their conferred degree applied as a block toward their APUS bachelor's degree, and will receive the same number of transfer credits as were required for their conferred degree.
  • Are eligible based on their conferred degree from our partner institution, regardless of where they completed all of their previous coursework to earn the degree.
  • Do not go through a traditional course-by-course evaluation of their credits, as all of their credits from their conferred degree are transferred together.
  • Are not eligible for additional transfer credits beyond the block transfer, therefore, transfer credit from other sources will not be considered.
  • Have all of the general education requirements of their APUS bachelor's degree program fulfilled.
  • Will instantly attain junior status with APUS.

Please click on the school name to see the details of the corresponding block transfer agreement. The lists and charts below are subject to change at any point based upon the degree requirements of the corresponding APUS bachelor’s degree.

Austin Community College

Our Bachelor's DegreeEligible ACC DegreeCredits Awarded*
General StudiesAny A.A. or A.S. Degree60
Intelligence StudiesAny A.A. or A.S. Degree60
ManagementAny A.A. or A.S. Degree60
Security ManagementAny A.A. or A.S. Degree60
Information Systems SecurityAny A.S. Degree60
Sports and Health SciencesAny A.S. Degree60
PhilosophyA.A. in Philosophy64
Transportation and Logistics ManagementA.A. in Economics
A.S. in Business Administration

* Students must select remaining courses at the upper level (300-499)

If you are not eligible to take advantage of the block transfer because you did not complete one of the degrees listed above, you may still be eligible to receive credit for other coursework completed.