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Firefighter Certifications
(from IFSAC or ProBoard accredited agencies)

The maximum transfer credit award possible from this specific internal recommendation varies based on the course(s) completed; individual transfer credit award will vary based on the requirements of a student's selected degree program, any additional documents submitted for transfer credit evaluation (TCE), and the University's TCE policies.

Any credit awarded from this internal recommendation is considered nontraditional transfer credit.


Undergraduate students must be pursuing one of the following programs at the University:

  • Any undergraduate level degree program

Students are most likely to maximize their transfer credit award if they are pursuing one of the following programs:

  • Associate of Science in Fire Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management


  • A student has met the terms of the agreement and is eligible for possible TCE review if they have earned firefighter certification(s) from an IFSAC or ProBoard accredited agency and they have not yet had an Initial TCE completed.
  • If an Initial TCE has already been prepared and the student earned firefighter certification(s) from an IFSAC or ProBoard accredited agency after the official evaluation was completed, they can send in the updated paperwork. A TCE Update Request Form must also be submitted to initiate the review process.
  • If a student changes their degree program, they are eligible for a review of their firefighter certificate(s) for possible transfer credit.
  • If a student has already had an initial TCE completed, their documentation has already been reviewed, and no additional paperwork is to be submitted, they are NOT eligible for this internal policy.

Students must send in a copy of their firefighter certificate(s) with an IFSAC or ProBoard seal along with a TCE Application. Documentation of successful completion may make a student eligible for the following transfer credit recommendations depending on their specific undergraduate degree program requirements:

DoD Certificate or
ProBoard/IFSAC Accredited
NFPA Standard
APUS Transfer Credit
Fire Fighter I1001FSMT102 - Fire Behavior and Combustion3 SH
Fire Fighter II1001FSMT210 - Fundamentals of Fire Protection3 SH
Driver/Operator Pumper1002FSMT289 - Fire Protection Hydraulics and
     Water Supply
3 SH
Driver/Operator Aerial1002Elective Credit2 SH
     Tiller (2009 - Present)*
1002Elective Credit1 SH
Driver/Operator ARFF1002Elective Credit2 SH
Driver/Operator Mobile Water
1002Elective Credit2 SH
Airport Fire Fighter1003Elective Credit2 SH
Rope (2008 - Present)*1006Elective Credit1 SH
Confined Space1006Elective Credit1 SH
Trench (2008 - Present)*1006Elective Credit1 SH
Structural Collapse1006Elective Credit3 SH
Vehicle Machinery1006Elective Credit3 SH
Rescue Technician (Ch 3,4,6,7)1006Elective Credit  same as Rope+Confined
     Space+Vehicle Machinery
or Rescue
     Technician I
5 SH
Rescue Technician (Ch 8, 9)1006Elective Credit  same as Trench+Structural
or Rescue Technician II
4 SH
Rescue Technician I1006Elective Credit  same as Rope+Confined
     Space+Vehicle Machinery
or Rescue
     Technician (Ch 3,4,6,7)
5 SH
Rescue Technician II1006Elective Credit  same as Trench+Structural
or Rescue Technician (Ch 8, 9)
4 SH
Fire Officer I1021EDMG230 - Emergency and Disaster Incident
3 SH
Fire Officer II1021OMNIXXX - omnibus transfer credit toward BS
     Fire Science Management MAJOR
3 SH
Fire Officer III1021FSMT362 - Fire Administration and Finance3 SH
Fire Officer IV1021FSMT321 - Community Fire Mitigation and
3 SH
Fire Inspector I1031FSMT188 - Fire Prevention3 SH
Fire Inspector II1031FSMT201 - Fire Protection Systems3 SH
Fire Inspector III1031FSMT287 - Fire Protection in Building
3 SH
Fire Instructor I1041Elective Credit2 SH
Fire Instructor II1041Elective Credit2 SH
Fire Instructor III1041Elective Credit1 SH
Wildland Fire Fighter I1051No Transfer Credit Awarded0 SH
Wildland Fire Fighter II1051No Transfer Credit Awarded0 SH
Public Telecommunicator I1061Elective Credit1 SH
Public Telecommunicator II1061Elective Credit1 SH
HazMat Awareness472Elective Credit2 SH
HazMat Operations472Elective Credit2 SH
HazMat Technician472EDMG240 - Chemistry of Hazardous Materials3 SH
HazMat Incident Commander472EDMG330 - Managerial Issues in Hazardous
3 SH
HazMat Branch Officer472Elective Credit1 SH
* Certification for this course must have been completed during the date range listed to be eligible for transfer credit. If this certification was completed prior to that date, transfer credit will not be awarded.

Please note:

This internal recommendation policy is valid for the programs listed which may be reviewed each catalog year and credit recommendations may change if the programs or internal recommendation policies are altered and/or re-evaluated.