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Understanding Your Transfer Credit Evaluation Results

Through the Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) process, we strive to provide students with the maximum amount of transfer credit possible to make their path toward degree completion as direct as possible. We have found many of the questions students have about their TCE results can be answered by providing some additional detail regarding our standard policies.

If your TCE has been completed and you have questions about the results of your evaluation, please take a moment to review the APUS Transfer Credit Results Resource. This self-service tool can answer most questions we receive from students regarding their official evaluation results. Among the many questions that it can provide answers to are:

  • Why was credit awarded to this particular area of my academic program requirements?

  • Why was a specific course not awarded toward my General Education requirements?

  • What is omnibus credit?

  • What is Excessive/Non Applicable Transfer Credit and why do I have coursework listed there?

  • Why was I not awarded transfer credit for coursework listed on transcripts/documents I submitted for evaluation?

  • And much, much more!

 It is our hope that students can gain immediate answers to their own specific questions; however should any questions still remain, information on how to contact a university representative to assist with your inquiry can also be found.