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Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Katherine Zatz

    Dr. Katherine Zatz

    Chair, Board of Trustees

    Dr. Katherine Houghton Zatz has spent most of her life in the service of education, from being elected, by her peers, to her local school board at the age of 16 to her recent position as Vice President for Student Development at SUNY Rockland in Suffern, New York. More

  • Mr. Frank Ball

    Mr. Frank Ball

    Member Emeritus, Board of Trustees

    Mr. Frank Ball is currently Chair of the Advisory Council of Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. He has been an adjunct faculty member and program director at Georgetown’s Center for Continuing and Professional Education since 1997. More

  • Dr. Wallace E. Boston

    Dr. Wallace E. Boston

    Chief Executive Officer, American Public Education, Inc., Member, Board of Trustees

    Dr. Wallace E. Boston was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of APUS and its parent company, American Public Education, Inc. in July 2004, after two year's as Chief Financial Officer. During his tenure, APUS achieved accreditation and has grown to 60,000 alumni worldwide. More

  • Lieutenant General Tom Conant

    LtGen Tom Conant

    Member, Board of Trustees

    Lieutenant General Tom Conant’s last active duty billet was serving as the Deputy Commander, United States Pacific Command. He has had a long and distinguished military career, following graduation from The Basic School in 1976 and subsequent designation as a Naval Aviator. More

  • General Alfred M. Gray

    General Alfred M. Gray

    Chairman Emeritus, Member, Board of Trustees

    Gen. Alfred Gray (retired USMC) was the 29th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps from 1987-91. As Commandant, General Gray assisted in the formulation of national and international policy, and strategy. He also served as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. More

  • Dr. Lucie Lapovsky

    Dr. Lucie Lapovsky

    Member, Board of Trustees

    Dr. Lucie Lapovsky is an economist who consults, writes and speaks widely on issues related to higher education finance, strategy, governance, enrollment management, and issues related to women’s leadership. She also specializes in searches for chief financial officers. More

  • Dr. Katy E. Marre

    Dr. Katy E. Marre

    Member, Board of Trustees

    Dr. Katy E. Marre is professor emerita and former associate vice president at the University of Dayton. Her distinguished academic experience includes developing, coordinating, organizing, and reviewing programs and proposals dealing with issues within graduate studies and research. More

  • Major General Robert L. Nabors

    Major General Robert L. Nabors

    Member, Board of Trustees

    Major General (retired U.S. Army) Robert L. Nabors has over 45 years of experience in the information technology and cyber fields. Among his notable assignments, he served as Deputy Commander of the White House Communications Agency, and as Commander of the largest Signal Brigade in the U.S. Army. More

  • Dr. J.D. Polk

    Dr. J.D. Polk

    Member, Board of Trustees

    Dr. J.D. Polk is a senior medical officer with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer. Dr. Polk is the former Dean of Medicine for Des Moines University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. More

  • Lieutenant General Richard G. Trefry

    LTG Richard G. Trefry

    Member, Board of Trustees

    Lieutenant General Richard G. Trefry (retired U.S. Army), served 33 years in active duty. He served as the Inspector General of the U.S. Army for six years under three Chiefs of Staff and Secretaries of the Army. After retirement, he served at the White House as the Military Assistant to the President. More