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Research and Creative Inquiry

As a university, we are in the business of knowledge—not only knowledge transmission but with knowledge creation. Our faculty and students participate in research designed to marry intellectual ambition with the practical application of knowledge attained through scientific inquiry in order to address real world problems.

ResearchFest 2016: Conflict and the Human Condition

This 3-day immersive research event for APUS faculty focused on applied research designed to solve practical problems of the modern world. The theme “Conflict and the Human Condition,” was chosen to foster interdisciplinary activity and reflect who we are and whom we serve. The first day of the event, held at university headquarters in Charles Town, WV, focused on research design and methodology. The faculty were provided opportunities to solidify their projects and ask key questions. Day two of the event centered on project management, creating research plans, developing a community for writing support. The faculty discussed their own scholarly networks and formed stronger connections with each other for future collaboration. The last day of ResearchFest challenged the faculty to think about disseminating new research to other scholars and students. The participants in ResearchFest will submit their completed research to at least one publication and deliver a webinar or share knowledge in some meaningful way to the broader university community.

Research Spotlight

The Impact of the Domestic Policy Context on the Europeanization of Civil Society Organizations’ Political Activity

Melissa Schnyder, Ph.D
The ways in which civil society organizations “Europeanize” their political activities has become a very popular area of research in political sociology and European Studies. Although Europeanization can take different forms, it generally refers to organizations’ political activity that targets the European Union (EU), or domestically-targeted political activity that is triggered by an EU-level issue.  Read more

Can Islamists be Secularized? Religion and Politics in Urban Bangladesh

Sayeed Iftekhar Ahmed, Ph.D.
Islamist political parties play significant roles in various societies and states where a majority of the Muslim population resides. In Bangladesh, which has the world’s third-largest Muslim population, Islamist parties operate as counter-hegemonic projects, whose main objectives are to challenge the existing secular or quasi-secular political system in order to establish a theocratic state Read more

Unconventional Warfare Project

Dr. Jon Holstine  Project Launch: April 2016
This study will seek to answer whether or not the United States is politically prepared to support an expanded capability and interest in Unconventional Warfare (UW).  Read more

Special Operations Research Project

Dr. Robert Redding Project Launch: March 2016
This case study will describe the special operations techniques that were used by British special operations forces during their campaign against Argentina in the Falklands theater of operations in 1982. Read more

Research & Resources

Policy Studies Organization

The university is a partner and major sponsor of the Policy Studies Organization (PSO), a Washington, D.C.-based publisher of academic journals and book series, sponsor of conferences, and producer of programs. Our faculty and students attend and present at PSO conferences to engage in academic dialogue and network with colleagues. In collaboration with PSO, the university publishes two peer-reviewed journals, the Internet Learning Journal and the Journal of Global Security and Intelligence Studies.

Degree Qualifications Profile

Our faculty works with the Lumina Foundation to implement our degree qualifications profile (DQP) framework. DQP focuses on what students should be able to know and do upon completion of their academic programs. Our key learning outcomes are infused into all of our graduate programs to create a rich learning experience focused on real world implementation.

APUS Library

The APUS library is a leader among online universities in helping to define a new era in information services. In addition to approximately 72,000 scholarly journals, 244,500 books/ebooks, and hundreds of research guides, the library houses our recorded graduate studies webinars. Students, staff, faculty and university alumni can access the APUS Library 24/7 via the student ecampus.

Institutional Review Board

2017 Research Grants

Applications for 2017's theme “Conflict and the Human Condition” are under review and awards will be announced Dec 31, 2017. 

3MT Contest

Imagine hearing an 80,000-word thesis explained in less than 180 seconds. Graduate students from across the globe are doing just that in the Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®). And now, the university's own 3MT contest is open for submissions. If you are a graduate student ready to present a three-minute version of your capstone project, improve your research skills, fine-tune your public speaking, earn recognition at commencement, and possibly win cash prizes, then consider entering the 3MT competition! Deadline for submission is March 31, 2017. Visit the 3MT® page to see the last year's contest winners, and for more details on this year's 3MT contest.