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President's Honors List - First Quarter 2015

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At the end of each quarter, a list of bachelor's and master's honor students is published online. Please note that students within the following programs are not eligible for the President’s or Dean’s honors lists: associate students, certificate programs, or courses for transfer. For eligibility requirements, please consult the student handbook.

The schedule of publication quarters is listed below:

  • First Quarter published April 1; courses must have started and been completed between September 1 - February 28
  • Second Quarter published July 1; courses must have started and been completed between December 1 - May 31
  • Third Quarter, published October 1; courses must have started and been completed between March 1 - August 31
  • Fourth Quarter, published January 1; courses must have started and been completed between June 1 - November 30

The President’s Honors List consists of undergraduate (bachelor's degree only) and graduate AMU and APU students who met all these criteria on March1, 2015. To search for your name, please select F3 to bring up the search bar.

APUS wishes to congratulate all the students listed below who have achieved the highest academic honor at our institution this quarter. 

For questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at

Full Name
Abate, MesfinMaster of Science in Information Technology Ellicott City, MD
Abrecht, EvanMaster of Arts in Management Las Vegas, NV
Adams, MollyMaster of EducationLaurel, MD
Adams, ToddMaster of Public AdministrationSlidell, LA
Albers, RonaldMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementWoodbridge, VA
Albertine, ErikMaster of EducationBountiful, UT
Alcala, JocelynMaster of EducationKilleen, TX
Alexander, TimothyBachelor of Science in Information Technology Mayflower, AR
Allbritton, RickyMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics ManagementGainesville, VA
Allen, ChantelleBachelor of Arts in English Alexandria, VA
Allen, DanielleBachelor of Science in Public Health Oak Harbor, WA
Allen, DavidMaster of Science in Accounting Las Vegas, NV
Allen, JesseMaster of Science in Sports and Health Sciences San Antonio, TX
Alsobrook, WilliamMaster of Science in Information Technology Ewa Beach, HI
Anderson, RichardBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Tulelake, CA
Andrews, MaryMaster of Science in Space StudiesOrcutt, CA
Antry, RobertMaster of Arts in Security Management Chesterfield, MO
Arnold, MicheleBachelor of Arts in Psychology Winchester, VA
Arold, ShawnBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Spokane, WA
Ashby, JasonBachelor of Business Administration Lorton, VA
Ataman, EnginMaster of Business Administration Olympia, WA
Axline, AmberMaster of Arts in Psychology Princeton, TX
Azzopardi, RachelBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Xenia, OH
Bachmeyer, DanielMaster of Arts in Management North Las Vegas, NV
Bagot, CharlesBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Fountain, CO
Bahrami, SanazBachelor of Arts in Psychology Raleigh, NC
Baker, RandyMaster of Science in Accounting St. Charles, MO
Baker, SethMaster of Business Administration Knoxville, TN
Bal, DonaldMaster of Public AdministrationSan Diego, CA
Barker, JamesBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Vass, NC
Barker, KaylynBachelor of Science in Accounting Fort Walton Beach, FL
Barnes, HeatherMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementTwentynine Palms, CA
Barnshaw, SharryBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Dover, DE
Barrett, ZacharyBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Huntersville, NC
Bejcek, ScottMaster of Science in Sports Management Midland, MI
Belli, DominickMaster of Science in Accounting Scotia, NY
Benavides, LindseyBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Floresville, TX
Benedict, MistyMaster of EducationKeyser, WV
Bentley, BrianMaster of Business Administration Fairfax, VA
Berner, JeromeBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Boise, ID
Bernier, AaronBachelor of Business Administration Phoenix, AZ
Bledsoe, RussellBachelor of Arts in Management Fort Worth, TX
Bolin, FrankMaster of Arts in HistoryDayton, OH
Bond, CashMaster of Science in Information Technology Houston, TX
Boney, JoshuaBachelor of Science in Public Health Alexandria, VA
Bonner, JeffreyMaster of Science in Sports Management Peyton, CO
Boone, DanielBachelor of Arts in History Oakley, CA
Bostic, AndrewMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management APO, AP
Boucher, ChristopherBachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Walker, MI
Bowen, KimberlyMaster of Business Administration Hagerstown, MD
Bowers, JoshuaBachelor of Arts in Military History Richlands, NC
Boyce, RodneyMaster of Public AdministrationSuton, WV
Boyd, KristenBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Woodbridge, VA
Boyd, MarygraceMaster of Arts in Management Valdosta, GA
Braden, MayaMaster of EducationSan Antonio, TX
Brandenburg, DanielaMaster of Science in Accounting Jacksonville, FL
Brock, JeremiahMaster of EducationInwood, WV
Bronson, CassandraBachelor of Arts in Psychology Howell, MI
Brooks, DavidMaster of Arts in Management Summerville, SC
Brooks, ThomasMaster of Arts in ManagementHampton, VA
Broome, BarbaraBachelor of Science in Public Health Hendersonville, TN
Brown, RogericaBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Fort Campbell, KY
Browning, CrystalBachelor of Arts in Psychology Pikeville, NC
Bryson, RebeccaMaster of Public AdministrationAPO, AE
Bundy, WendyBachelor of Arts in Sociology Luray, VA
Burkhart, BrandonMaster of EducationMartinsburg, WV
Butler, ChristopherBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Goose Creek, SC
Byles, MatthewMaster of Arts in ManagementAurora, CO
Calixto, TonyaBachelor of Science in Accounting Gray Court, SC
Campbell, MichelleMaster of Arts in Security Management Riverdale, GA
Canavati, MichaelBachelor of Arts in Political Science Kapolei, HI
Caraghiaur, MoniqueMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementFort Dix, NJ
Carden, ShayneBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Sumter, SC
Cardenas, DavidMaster of Arts in Management Harker Heights, TX
Carter, MargretMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementNavarre, FL
Carter, SherriMaster of Business Administration Great Mills, MD
Castaneda, RuthBachelor of Arts in Management Colorado Springs, CO
Cates, JamesBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Fort Worth, TX
Catolico, MarenMaster of Business Administration Apex, NC
Cecchini, RobbieBachelor of Science in Information Technology Dripping Springs, TX
Chaffin, AbrahamBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security San Luis Obispo, CA
Chamberlain, HeatherMaster of Science in Space StudiesAnchorage, AK
Chang, JungjinMaster of Science in Accounting Richmond, VA
Chang, MayMaster of Business Administration De Pere, WI
Chann, ChandaMaster of Business AdministrationTampa, FL
Chantler, JaeMaster of Arts in Psychology Calgary AB, Canada
Chester, ChristopherMaster of Business Administration Rio Rancho, NM
Chiaramonte, CoreyBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Alameda, CA
Chinn, ElizabethMaster of Arts in Political ScienceKirksville, MO
Chow, MeaghanMaster of EducationOdenton, MD
Christy, RyanMaster of EducationCallery, PA
Clark, KristineMaster of Public AdministrationBaltimore, MD
Clay, FabianMaster of Business Administration Slidell, LA
Clifton, TatsianaBachelor of Science in Information Technology Jacksonville, FL
Cline, AdamMaster of Arts in Management Middleburg, FL
Clinton, JenniferBachelor of Science in Nursing Beavercreek, OH
Clisset, RyanMaster of Business Administration Tampa, FL
Cloakey, LeahBachelor of Arts in International Relations APO, AP
Cloar, VanBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Kernersville, NC
Coble, Tyler StoneBachelor of Science in Information Technology Fort Greely, AK
Collazo, TiffanyBachelor of Arts in Psychology APO, AP
Collins, BrianMaster of Science in Information Technology Fort Belvoir, VA
Colon, StaceyMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementTriangle, VA
Conrad, ShariBachelor of Arts in Management Jacksonville, NC
Cook, MarshallBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Boise, ID
Coolahan, ChristopherBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences San Antonio, TX
Cooley, JacobMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementRiverside, CA
Coonan, BradleyMaster of Arts In Homeland SecurityShaw AFB, SC
Cornell, MonicaBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Lakewood, WA
Cost, EmilyMaster of Business Administration Hatton, ND
Cowles, ShariBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Brandon, FL
Crawford, WhitneyMaster of EducationFernandina Beach, FL
Crenshaw, KeynaMaster of Business Administration Carson, CA
Croteau, TammiBachelor of Arts in English Orlando, FL
Crutchfield, JuliaMaster of EducationNavarre, FL
Cubitt, TinaBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Pensacola, FL
Curtis, JonBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Colorado Springs, CO
Daniels, GeorgeMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementFayetteville, NC
D'Arcy, BrianBachelor of Science in Information Technology Walkersville, MD
Daudelin, DerekBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Virginia Beach, VA
Daugherty, KennethBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Strattanville, PA
Davenport, JasonMaster of Public AdministrationAvondale, AZ
Davidson, KristaBachelor of Business Administration APO, AE
Davis, AmandaMaster of Science in Sports Management Hope Mills, NC
Davis, GregoryMaster of Business Administration Great Falls, MT
Davis, KimberlyMaster of Arts in HistorySnohomish, WA
Day, JoshuaBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Escondido, CA
De Ocampo, MarvinMaster of Arts in Management Enterprise, AL
Debrito, MiriamMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementSuffolk, VA
Deguin, EricBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Los Olivos, CA
DeJaynes, ChristopherBachelor of Arts in Religion Decatur, IL
Del Rosario, NoelBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Round Rock, TX
Delos Reyes, Janeen MarieBachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies Sumter, SC
DeLuigi, AngelaMaster of EducationFernley, NV
DePalmo, JustinBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management St Petersburg, FL
Desmond, MartinBachelor of Science in Information Technology Madisonville, LA
Despain, SummerBachelor of Arts in Psychology Eureka, UT
DeVault, AnaMaster of Arts in Psychology King George, VA
Dewey, DaveMaster of Arts in Security ManagementPuyallup, WA
Dillard, JamesMaster of Arts in Management Fredericksburg, VA
DiPietro, MistyBachelor of Science in Information Technology Purcellville, VA
Disney, BrandonBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Goldsboro, NC
Doane, StefanieBachelor of Business Administration Hubbardston, MA
Doberstein, JenikaMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementEdwards, CO
Dodson, MichaelMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeFort Lauderdale, FL
Dominguez, PedroBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Beltsville, MD
Domser, ChrisMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeKilleen, TX
Donahue, MichaelMaster of Science in Sports Management Grafton, WI
Doney, AnitaBachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Bentonville, AR
Donnelly, BrianMaster of Science in Accounting Centreville, VA
Donnelly, ChristopherMaster of Business Administration Oceanside, CA
Dowling, ChristopherBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Grovetown, GA
Downer, BrianBachelor of Arts in International Relations Surf City, NC
Dowsey, JoshuaMaster of Business Administration Fort Dix, NJ
Drockton, JustineMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management and Homeland Security APO, AP
Drury, JohnMaster of Arts in Intelligence StudiesHouston, TX
Duhon, JasonMaster of Business Administration Omaha, NE
Dupuis, BethMaster of EducationSaint Cloud, FL
Durham, GingerBachelor of Science in Accounting Mansfield, AR
Dutcher, TreyBachelor of Business Administration Travis AFB, CA
Duthu, DavidBachelor of Arts in Management Scott AFB, IL
Dyckman, LanceMaster of Arts in Military HistoryFayetteville, NC
Dykes, JasonBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Ellisville, MS
Dyson, RandallMaster of Arts in Management Kearneysville, WV
Dyson, RussellMaster of Science in Information Technology Stafford, VA
Eccles, GarrickMaster of Business Administration Edwardsburg, MI
Ellen, WendyMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and Management Pflugerville, TX
Elliott, NytaMaster of Business AdministrationGrand Junction, CO
Ellis, ChristopherBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Sparta, WI
Embry, JoshuaMaster of EducationMedical Lake, WA
Eppard, AllisonBachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies San Antonio, TX
Epperson, PattonMaster of Arts in Homeland Security Kailua, HI
Ernest, ClarissaMaster of Public Administration Virginia Beach, VA
Erzar, FrankBachelor of Arts in General Studies Barksdale AFB, LA
Esquivel-Ramirez, JuliaBachelor of Arts in Sociology Pensacola Beach, FL
Evans, BrettMaster of Business Administration Carlisle, PA
Evans, BruceMaster of Arts in Military HistoryDamariscotta, ME
Everson, ChristianMaster of Arts in Management APO, AE
Fabos, DavidMaster of Science in Accounting Crystal Lake, IL
Faczan, BenjaminBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Fairbanks, AK
Farias, JoseBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Paso Robles, CA
Fassi, StephenBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Pueblo West, CO
Felber, NicholasMaster of EducationNorth Canton, OH
Ferguson, AdamBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice West Lafayette, IN
Ferguson, CherylMaster of Science in Accounting Romney, WV
Ferniza, DeniseBachelor of Arts in Management Sierra Vista, AZ
Ferron, JohnBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Goodview, VA
Fisher, RichardBachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies Fort Gordon, GA
Fitzpatrick, LauraBachelor of Arts in History Otway, OH
Fitzsimons, EricMaster of EducationRichmond, CA
Fleshman, JohnBachelor of Arts in Management Spring Lake, NC
Folia, VictorBachelor of Arts in Security Management Spokane, WA
Free, HowardMaster of Arts in Military StudiesVass, NC
French, NatalieMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementMiami, FL
Friend, StephanieMaster of EducationMontpelier, OH
Froehlich, RobynMaster of Public AdministrationBellefonte, PA
Fulcher, RachaelBachelor of Arts in Management Dawsonville, GA
Gaar, MichaelBachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies Virginia Beach, VA
Gambrel, MarcMaster of Science in Information Technology Alamogordo, NM
Gambrell, JeffreyMaster of Arts in Security Management Wellington, FL
Gandy, BrianBachelor of Arts in Management Garland, TX
Garcia, CharrellMaster of Arts in Management Barksdale AFB, LA
Garcia, JoseBachelor of Arts in Management Los Angeles, CA
Gartman, RachaelBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Eureka, CA
Gathright, JeniseBachelor of Arts in History Fountain, CO
Gause, BrianMaster of EducationNorth Las Vegas, NV
Geddes, WilliamMaster of Arts in Management Silver Spring, MD
Geltz, JaimeMaster of Business Administration Colorado Springs, CO
Gillespie, NicoleMaster of EducationLas Vegas, NV
Gillin, LindaBachelor of Arts in International Relations Farmington, MN
Gillum, TammyBachelor of Arts in Religion Ewing, KY
Gjere, LauraMaster of Business Administration Williamsburg, VA
Godby, JamesMaster of Science in Information Technology Dayton, OH
Golson, DagmarBachelor of Business Administration North Las Vegas, NV
Gonzalez, IrmaBachelor of Science in Accounting Warsaw, VA
Gonzalez, LuisMaster of Arts in Security Management Wildomar, CA
Gordon, LeslieBachelor of Arts in Psychology Jonesville, VA
Gornall, JohnnyMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementLancaster, OH
Gorski, TimothyMaster of Science in Sports Management Knob Noster, MO
Gottlieb, JustinBachelor of Science in Information Technology Lakeland, FL
Gray, MathewMaster of Public AdministrationPasco, WA
Greaves, AnthonyMaster of Public AdministrationHaughton, LA
Greenia, EarlMaster of Science in Accounting Mission Viejo, CA
Griffin, StephanieMaster of Arts in Management Niceville, FL
Grimes, ClaytonBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies APO, AE
Grimes, MaryMaster of Business Administration Atlanta, GA
Guardino, BernadetteMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementMt. Sinai, NY
Gunning, TracieMaster of EducationCarrollton, TX
Gunshore, AngelaMaster of Arts in Psychology Erie, PA
Gustafson, NicholasMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics ManagementSpokane, WA
Hackbarth, HunterMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementBrighton, CO
Hagedon, SolomonMaster of Arts in Criminal Justice Chula Vista, CA
Hamilton, ThomasMaster of Arts in Legal Studies JB Adrews, MD
Hardy, SuzannahMaster of EducationFowler, CO
Harrell, PaulMaster of Business Administration El Paso, TX
Harrod, StephenBachelor of Arts in English El Paso, TX
Harvey, WilliamMaster of Arts in Management Bethel, OH
Hawkins, EdwardMaster of Science in Information Technology Tacoma, WA
Hayes, JeremyMaster of Science in Sports Management Centennial, CO
Hayes, ThomasBachelor of Arts in Security Management Fort Lee, VA
Heater, MarlinMaster of Arts in Security Management Clarksville, TN
Hefti, MichaelMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeFort Irwin, CA
Hein, KurtBachelor of Business Administration Portland, ME
Heller, JonathanBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Garden City, AL
Helsper, CraigMaster of Business Administration Cambridge, MA
Hemme, KevinBachelor of Science in Information Technology Pleasant Hill, MO
Henderson, MollyMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and Management Carmichael, CA
Hensley, JessicaMaster of Public HealthShawnee, KS
Hernandez, OmaarMaster of Arts in National Security Studies Chesapeake, VA
Herod, TylerMaster of Arts in ManagementCowan, TN
Herrera Cole, JennyMaster of Business Administration Huntsville, AL
Hershfelt, RalphMaster of Arts in Homeland Security Lithia, FL
Hess, AlexanderMaster of Public Administration Panama City, FL
Heuer, MatthewBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Chicago, IL
Higby, ShannonMaster of EducationAlexandria, VA
Hiigel, JoannaMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementNorth Bend, OR
Hiller, PamelaMaster of Arts in Management Lynn Haven, FL
Hitte, JamesMaster of Arts in Psychology Cleveland, TN
Hoffman, NicholasBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences San Diego, CA
Hohenstein, AmieMaster of Arts in Psychology Shakopee, MN
Holden, JaymesMaster of Arts in Security Management Monroe, NC
Homan, ChristopherMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Ocean Springs, MS
Hopkins, AnitaBachelor of Science in Nursing Ramer, TN
Horn, DanaBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management JB Charleston, SC
Horvath, JamesMaster of Arts in National Security StudiesOdessa, FL
Householder, ChristopherBachelor of Business Administration Hedgesville, WV
Howell, KimberlyMaster of Public AdministrationOdenton, MD
Howell, ScottMaster of Science in Sports and Health SciencesHickory, NC
Hoyne, JeffreyMaster of Public AdministrationEnumclaw, WA
Hudgins, GradyBachelor of Science in Information Technology Englewood, CO
Hudson, JamesMaster of Science in Information Technology Biloxi, MS
Huebner, RobertaMaster of Public AdministrationAdamsville, OH
Huff, LaToyaBachelor of Arts in Management Norcross, GA
Huffman, ShonaMaster of Arts in Political ScienceFrisco, TX
Hughes, ElizabethMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementPowell, TN
Humphrey, AngelaBachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management Providence, RI
Imars, JeffreyMaster of Business Administration Fishers, IN
Irizarry-Vaughan, Ana MayraMaster of EducationVienna, VA
Jackson, JamesBachelor of Arts in Psychology Aurora, CO
Jackson, LisaBachelor of Science in Nursing Nashua, NH
Jackson, RachelMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementNorth Richland Hills, TX
Jaffer, MohamedMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management New Hyde Park, NY
Jansen, MarkMaster of Public AdministrationPortland, OR
Jarnagin, DerylMaster of Arts in Management Fredericksburg, VA
Jazek, NatashaBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Wilmington, NC
Jervis, HawleyMaster of Science in Sports Management Winter Springs, FL
John, RichardMaster of Arts In Homeland SecuritySanta Margartia, CA
Johnson, ChristopherBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Concord, NH
Johnson, EdwardMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementWalterboro, SC
Johnson, JayMaster of Business AdministrationCamden, SC
Johnson, KeairaBachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies Fort Campbell, KY
Johnson, KyleBachelor of Science in Mathematics Loudonville, OH
Johnson, RyanBachelor of Science in Space Studies South Weber, UT
Johnson, WilliamBachelor of Arts in Military History Fayetteville, NC
Johnson, WillieMaster of Public AdministrationMontclair, VA
Johnston, JulieBachelor of Arts in Psychology Portland, TN
Jones, DavidBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security APO, AE
Jones, SarahMaster of Business Administration Harrisonburg, VA
Jones, StephenMaster of Arts in International Relations and Conflict ResolutionAPO, AP
Jordan, TeresaMaster of EducationMartinsburg, WV
Jordan, WilliamMaster of Arts in Military HistoryRed Oak, IA
Juarez, DomingoMaster of Arts in Security ManagementManassas, VA
Juxonsmith, TerrenceMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Petersburg, VA
Kanyer, ShawnBachelor of Science in Information Technology Wesley Chapel, FL
Kaufman, TamaraMaster of Arts in Psychology Westerville, OH
Kautz, EricBachelor of Business Administration San Angelo, TX
Kavanaugh, CatherineBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management New Orleans, LA
Keech, WalterBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Buda, TX
Keene, KristenMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementMillersville, MD
Kenner, PembrokeMaster of Arts in Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA
Kersten, StephanieMaster of EducationMartinsburg, WV
Kesler, DarrinMaster of Arts in Management Dunlap, IL
Kingsley, DanielMaster of Arts in Military StudiesPhoenix, AZ
Kirkey, JosephBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Pembroke Pines, FL
Kitchen, HeidiMaster of Business Administration Lemoore, CA
Klempner, ElizabethBachelor of Arts in Child and Family Development Los Angeles, CA
Knight, BrianMaster of Business Administration Carl Junction, MO
Kong, LinshuMaster of Business Administration Plainsboro, NJ
Kosarot, PiBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Bellingham, WA
Kozisek, HunterBachelor of Science in Accounting White Sands, NM
Kredo, JohnMaster of Arts in Management APO, AE
Krekeler, RandallMaster of Arts in Management Annandale, VA
Kreps, AnitaBachelor of Business Administration Fredericksburg, VA
Krill, ChristineMaster of EducationCincinnati, OH
Kruger, RobertMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Franklin, WI
Kuschel, KurtisMaster of Business Administration Warner Robins, GA
Kuster, MatthewBachelor of Business Administration Hubert, NC
Lackey, RayMaster of Public AdministrationSilt, CO
Lacour, KellyBachelor of Arts in English Mount Pleasant, SC
Larkin, HaileyBachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies Colorado Springs, CO
Larson, JamiMaster of Science in Sports Management Lowell, MA
Larson, JoshuaMaster of Science in Information Technology Beale AFB, CA
Larson, KristenBachelor of Arts in Management Martinsburg, WV
Lasley, MatthewBachelor of Arts in Management Mukilteo, WA
Lauver, MarkMaster of Business Administration Arlington, VA
Laye, ChristopherMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeRichland, MO
Leader, RyanBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Patrick AFB, FL
Lees, StevenBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Beaumont, TX
LeGuin, RemyMaster or Arts in Entrepreneurship Waltham, MA
Lemcke, BonnieMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementStockdale, TX
Lerner, ArenBachelor of Arts in History Durango, CO
Letteer, ShannonBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Daytona Beach, FL
Levendosky, ChristopherBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Edmond, OK
Levermore, DwayneMaster of Business Administration Lexington, SC
Levy, LaurenMaster of EducationGreat Falls, MT
Lewis, CorrittaMaster of Business Administration Los Angeles, CA
Lewis, CurtisMaster of Science in Information Technology Eufaula, OK
Lewis, RykarBachelor of Arts in Military History Roundup, MT
Libbey, WayneMaster of Science in Accounting Bellingham, MA
Lichlyter, DanielMaster of Arts in Military HistoryFortson, GA
Lilly, VernaBachelor of Science in Public Health Tacoma, WA
Lipka, StanleyBachelor of Science in Environmental Science San Diego, CA
Lipscomb, VictoriaMaster of Arts in Management Glen Burnie, MD
Livingston, MichaelMaster of Science in Information Technology Honolulu, HI
Lloyd, ScottMaster of Arts in Military StudiesEastern Passage NS, Canada
Loechler, MatthewMaster of Science in Accounting Grand Forks, ND
Lorton, LisaBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Riverside, CA
Loupe, CarleeBachelor of Arts in English San Antonio, TX
Love, BenjaminBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Waldorf, MD
Lozano, AnneMaster of EducationSeguin, VA
Lynch, BethMaster of Arts in Psychology Anthony, FL
Mac Leod, CarrynMaster of Public AdministrationAnderson, CA
Maclellan, BethanyMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementLexington, OH
Madore, ChadBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Riverview, FL
Magnuson, AlexMaster of Arts in Management Valdosta, GA
Maillard, DanielMaster of Business Administration Woodbridge, VA
Majercik, PaulMaster of Science in Information Technology Colorado Springs, CO
Malone, BryantMaster of Public AdministrationPensacola, FL
Maltby, PaigeMaster of Arts in Psychology Front Royal, VA
Manley, LyndseyBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Odenton, MD
Marks, DeannaBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Hilo, HI
Marriner, TimothyMaster of Business Administration Waldorf, MD
Marshall, LauraMaster of Arts in Psychology Melbourne, FL
Martin, ChristopherMaster of Science in Accounting Poolesville, MD
Martinez, JefferyMaster of Science in Information Technology Bolingbrook, IL
Marvel, DaxMaster of Business Administration Sheppard AFB, TX
Masters, KathrynMaster of Business Administration Las Vegas, NV
Masters, ShaneMaster of Science in Information Technology Bamberg, Germany 
May, JamesMaster of Business Administration Charles Town, WV
Maynard, JennaBachelor of Science in Public Health Maumelle, AR
McCarty, MolendaBachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Hamilton, MT
McCauley, DarrenMaster of EducationPalmyra, VA
McClellan, RitaMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Sanford, NC
McConnell, PaulMaster of Business Administration Warner Robins, GA
McDermott, LanceBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Clarksville, TN
McDonald, DevinMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementPetaluma, CA
McDonald, TimothyBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Langley AFB, VA
McDuffie, NicholasMaster of Business AdministrationSpring Hill, TN
McQuarrie, AdamMaster of Arts in Military StudiesSaint John NB, Canada
Mead, ZacharyBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Salinas, CA
Meeks, VickieMaster of Arts in Psychology Jacksonville, FL
Melsness, AndrewBachelor of Arts in Management Des Plaines, IL
Merechi, TulluMaster of Science in Accounting Ridgewood, NJ
Mesa, AndrewBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Stockton, CA
Miles, CyndiMaster of Public HealthWoodbridge, VA
Miller, BraytonBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Lexington Park, MD
Miller, JennieMaster of Business Administration Hoosick Falls, NY
Miller, JenniferBachelor of Science in Public Health Virginia Beach, VA
Miller, KrystalMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementAlgona, WA
Miller, SeanMaster of Science in Sports Management Tucson, AZ
Millhouse, AndrewBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Milledgeville, IL
Mollo, AnnaMaster of Arts in History Hagerstown, MD
Molnar, JasonMaster of Arts in Intelligence StudiesColumbus, OH
Moore, AaronBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Hubert, NC
Moorehead, WilliamBachelor of Arts in Security Management Silver Spring, MD
Mora-Herrera, MarinoBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security FPO, AP
Morales, JustinBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management San Antonio, TX
Morgan, RebeccaBachelor of Arts in Marketing Phoenix, AZ
Morgan, SethBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Easley, SC
Morin, MichaelMaster of Business Administration Fayetteville, NC
Moss, AimeeBachelor of Arts in Sociology Decatur, IL
Mrozinski, PhilipBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Centerville, OH
Mula, MatthewBachelor of Business Administration Honolulu, HI
Mullane, BrianaBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Grovetown, VA
Murphy, CassidyMaster of Arts in Management Los Lunas, NM
Murphy, ToddMaster of Business Administration Rosamond, CA
Neczesny, MichaelMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementEastchester, NY
Neiberger, JosephMaster of Public AdministrationLovettsville, VA
Neill, AndrewBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Antioch, TN
Nelson, MatthewMaster of Public AdministrationUpland, CA
Newcomer, BrianMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementAnoka, MN
Nikodym, LisaMaster of EducationWrangell, AK
Nolan, SamanthaMaster of Arts in Management Pasadena, MD
Normington, KimberlyMaster of EducationEl Paso, TX
Nunes, GeraldBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security APO, AE
Oberndorfer, MaryMaster of Arts in HistoryGlastonbury, CT
O'Brien, SeanBachelor of Arts in Security Management Jacksonville, NC
O'Leary, BryanBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Kathleen, GA
Onofrei, TimothyMaster of Science in Sports Management Nampa, ID
Oppegard, LitaMaster of Arts in History Eagle River, AK
Orr, WilliamMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementWestville, IL
Ostrov, StevenMaster of Science in Information Technology San Antonio, TX
Owens, SuzannaMaster of Business Administration Clifton, VA
Paganetti, KristenMaster of Science in Accounting Charlotte, NC
Palicka, MarkMaster of Public Administration Federal Way, WA
Pape, LesliBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Biloxi, MS
Parish, JosephBachelor of Arts in History Lewes, DE
Park, BrianMaster of Business Administration North Little Rock, AR
Parkinson, ChristineBachelor of Arts in Sociology Kodiak, AK
Parnell, BrandyMaster of EducationCheyenne, WY
Pastrick, JasonMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementGoose Creek, SC
Patillo, AdamBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Abbotsford BC, Canada
Payne, EvaMaster of Arts in HistoryAmissville, VA
Payne, LewisBachelor of Arts in Security Management APO, AP
Payne, RyanMaster of Arts in Humanities Escondido, CA
Peck, SchylerBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies North Pole, AK
Peer, JarodBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Hiram, GA
Pelletier, TawnyMaster of Arts in Psychology San Antonio, TX
Penamora, Mark ChrystelBachelor of Science in Public Health Kingsville, TX
Penny, LindsayMaster of EducationLansing, MI
Pepple, MerlinMaster of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Manassas, VA
Percival, BrookeMaster of Public AdministrationAlbuquerque, NM
Perry, RobertMaster of Science in Sports Management Society Hill, SC
Peters, ShariMaster of EducationWoodbridge, VA
Petersen, SarahMaster of Arts in Management Staten Island, NY
Phillips, JamesMaster of Business Administration Wesley Chapel, FL
Phillips, MeghanBachelor of Science in Information Technology Niles, MI
Phillips, ThomasBachelor of Science in Information Technology Grovetown, GA
Pierson, JordanMaster of Arts in Management Abilene, TX
Pineiro, CarlosBachelor of Arts in Management Dayton, OH
Pitts, HaroldMaster of Arts in Criminal Justice Van Buren, AR
Platt, CaitlynMaster of Science in Accounting Fredericksburg, VA
Platt, JeffreyMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Amherst, NY
Ploesch, VictoriaBachelor of Business Administration Fayetteville, NC
Plummer, MarkMaster of EducationMeridian, ID
Poorman, NathanBachelor of Science in Information Technology Collierville, TN
Popp, StevenMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementNashville, TN
Potter, JasonMaster of Business Administration Tomah, WI
Potter, RichardMaster of Public AdministrationPueblo West, CO
Pousha, AlissaBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences San Antonio, TX
Powell, SamanthaMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeKapolei, HI
Price, ChristopherMaster of Public AdministrationSan Diego, CA
Pulido, MacarioBachelor of Arts in History APO, AP
Puller, AlishaMaster of Public AdministrationRanson, WV
Purdie, JacksonBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Calumet, MN
Purucker, MarieMaster of Arts in Management Fort Mill, SC
Queen, MonicaBachelor of Science in Legal Studies Bloomington, IN
Quintero, HarryBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Las Vegas, NV
Quirk, AngeliaMaster of Arts in Psychology Fresno, CA
Quiroz, CynthiaMaster of EducationAPO, AP
Quish, SeanBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Richmond, VA
Rains, ChristieMaster of EducationSanford, NC
Ramirez, LynnMaster of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Camp Lejeune, NC
Ramirez, MelissaMaster of Public AdministrationEastvale, CA
Ramseyer, DianeMaster of Public AdministrationNorth Port, FL
Rankine, JuliaMaster of Science in Accounting Tucker, GA
Ratchford, LisaMaster of EducationGastonia, NC
Ratner, EppyBachelor of Arts in Management Slidell, LA
Read, KristenBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Poulsbo, WA
Reed, LauraBachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Ladson, SC
Reese, MarieBachelor of Arts in Management Calumet, OK
Reid, RonaldBachelor of Arts in Religion Bothell, WA
Reining, CharlesMaster of Public AdministrationReston, VA
Remillard, SherylMaster of Arts in Psychology Tigard, OR
Reyes, HeatherBachelor of Arts in Psychology Del Rio, TX
Rhoades, JustinMaster of Science in Information Technology Ojai, CA
Riedel, DeborahBachelor of Arts in International Relations Fredericksburg, VA
Riedel, MichaelBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Alexandria, VA
Rinke, EricBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Athens, AL
Ro, KyuMaster of Business Administration Nokesville, VA
Roberts, AutumnMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementEmmett, ID
Roberts, MadelineMaster of Business Administration Centreville, VA
Robson, MelissaBachelor of Arts in English Winter Haven, FL
Rogers, IainMaster of Arts in Military HistoryIncheon, South Korea
Rohde, IanMaster of Business Administration Hanscom AFB, MA
Romero, MarthaBachelor of Science in Criminal Justice APO, AP
Rosario, AndresMaster of Business Administration St Cloud, FL
Rose, GrahamBachelor of Science in Mathematics Odessa, FL
Ross, DorendaBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Wingate, NC
Rossio, JennaMaster of Arts In Homeland SecurityIndianapolis, IN
Ruark, DouglasMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Bossier City, LA
Rubalcava, AaronBachelor of Arts in Political Science La Habra, CA
Rufino-Mager, JaniceMaster of Arts in Legal Studies Little Falls, NJ
Russell, JohnBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Annandale, VA
Saavedra, BrittanyMaster of EducationSouth Charleston, WV
Sadler, MandyBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Dallas, GA
Salas, EllaBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Odenton, MD
Samlaska, ChristianBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Seattle, WA
Samples, BerrisMaster of Arts in Military HistoryDurango, CO
Sanchez, OscarBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Albuquerque, NM
Sandlin, RutaMaster of Public AdministrationHonolulu, HI
Santos, DavinaMaster of EducationWilliamsburg, VA
Sateren, ErikMaster of Business AdministrationFargo, ND
Saunders, JacobMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementOrange Park, FL
Saurwein, ChandraBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Fort Bragg, NC
Sawyers, TracyMaster of EducationClifton, VA
Saylor, DanielMaster of Arts in HistoryHendersonville, TN
Schieder, HermannMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementAPO, AE
Schlotterbeck, ChristopherBachelor of Science in Information Technology Martinsburg, WV
Schmitt, AmyMaster of EducationCharles Town, WV
Schmittdiel, BrianBachelor of Arts in Security Management Centerville, MN
Schroeder, LacieMaster of Arts in Management Grand Forks, ND
Scott, CharlesMaster of Business Administration Lemoore, CA
Seale, JosseckBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Aiea, HI
Seath, JeffreyBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Olympia, WA
Shamlin, DeborahMaster of Arts in Management Odenton, MD
Shamp, HeatherBachelor of Business Administration Clarksville, TN
Sharratt, ThomasMaster of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Fort Knox, KY
Sheley, JosephMaster of Public AdministrationWinchester, VA
Sherman, ValerieMaster of Public AdministrationLas Cruces, NM
Shields, DarrinBachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Yelm, WA
Shultz, BrittanyMaster of EducationYork, PA
Sidewand, DavidMaster of Science in Space StudiesMiramar, FL
Siebert, ShaneMaster of Arts in Management Holloman AFB, NM
Sjokvist, GradyMaster of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Kamloops BC, Canada
Skeldon, KeithMaster of Science in Information Technology Littleton, CO
Skiles, ChristopherBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Jacksonville, NC
Skyles, BrettMaster of Arts in Management Pendergrass, GA
Smee, CameronMaster of Science in Sports Management Tucson, AZ
Smith, CammiBachelor of Arts in English Greenfield, IN
Smith, JeremyBachelor of Science in Nursing Sandy, UT
Smith, JesseBachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management Beaufort, SC
Smith, JillianMaster of Arts in Management Newport News, VA
Smith, JonetteMaster of Business Administration Kingsland, GA
Smith, KarenBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Spanaway, WA
Smith, MarthaMaster of Science in Accounting Oro Valley, AZ
Smith, SeanBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Antioch, TN
Smith-Parker, LisaMaster of EducationUpper Marlboro, MD
Sotomayor, AmandaMaster of Arts in ManagementBossier City, LA
Sousa, JosephMaster of Arts in Psychology Berkeley, CA
Spears, CharleneMaster of Arts in ManagementWaynesboro, VA
Spring, JessicaMaster of EducationMartinsburg, WV
St Pierre, AndreaBachelor of Arts in English Catonsville, MD
Standish, AmandaBachelor of Science in Accounting Battle Creek, MI
Stanley, DevinMaster of Arts In Homeland SecurityFort Lee, VA
Stark, PaulMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementAllyn, WA
Staropoli, FrankMaster of Arts in Management Kailua, HI
Stefano, MelissaMaster of Public AdministrationVermilion, OH
Stephen, JamesMaster of Public Administration Omaha, NE
Stevens, SammyBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security North Chalreston, SC
Steward, KatherineMaster of EducationLynwood, IL
Stewart, RobinlynnMaster of Arts in HistorySpringfield, VA
Stoddard, MandiMaster of Arts in Management Eagle, ID
Stone, CarolMaster of Science in Accounting Clayton, NC
Strickland, ToddBachelor of Arts in Management Goodfellow AFB, TX
Strub, RyanMaster of Arts in Management APO, AE
Stuppy, TimothyMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementWaynesboro, VA
Suchanek, GeorgeMaster of Public AdministrationOrange Park, FL
Sullivan, AmandaBachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Graham, TX
Sutorus, JeffreyBachelor of Business Administration Washington, DC
Sutorus, ShannonBachelor of Business Administration Washington, DC
Sutton, MeganMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementFort Wainwright, AK
Swartzendruber, NatashaBachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences Placida, FL
Switzer, RobertMaster of Public AdministrationEly, NV
Talbot, LindsayMaster of Arts in Management Patrick AFB, FL
Tanis, AshleyMaster of Business Administration North Dighton, MA
Tarrant, StanleyMaster of Business Administration Mobile, AL
Taylor, WallaceMaster of Arts in Military HistoryOlney, MD
Teague, ZacheryMaster of Arts in Management Eglin AFB, FL
Teed, DianaMaster of EducationMartinsburg, WV
Terry, AmberMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeSpanish Fork, UT
Thomas, LorenzoBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Prattville, AL
Thomas, SaraMaster of Arts in Psychology Newnan, GA
Thompson, AlbertMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementStafford, VA
Thompson, LeahMaster of Science in Information Technology Hill AFB, UT
Thompson, ThomasMaster of Business Administration Blanchard, OK
Thornton, AmyMaster of EducationWinder, GA
Thornton, JoshuaBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Aurora, CO
Tierney, KevinMaster of Business Administration Sterling, VA
Tigges, JamesMaster of Arts In Homeland SecurityBurlington, MA
Tilmont, JaimeMaster of Business Administration Oak Ridge, NJ
Tomita, SeanBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Vacaville, CA
Townsend, KimberlyMaster of Public AdministrationBurtonsville, MD
Townsend, LukeMaster of Arts In Homeland SecurityValdosta, GA
Tramel, JeffBachelor of Science in Information Technology Olympia, WA
Treakle, JamesMaster of Business Administration Mountain Home AFB, ID
Treffinger, KennethBachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Bradenton, FL
Tremonti, KristenMaster of Arts in HistoryHolbrook, AZ
Trottie, TanaBachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies Grapevine, TX
Tuggle, ChastityBachelor of Arts in Child and Family Development Lagrange, KY
Tupper, HollyBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Brooklyn, NY
Turner, MichaelMaster of Arts in ManagementBentonville, AR
Tymitz, PeterMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Eagle River, AK
Underwood, MatthewMaster of Arts in Security Management Kannapolis, NC
Valerio-Kluttz, KhristaBachelor of Science in Accounting Grovetown, GA
Valley, RyanMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeTempe, AZ
Vallon, PlourdeMaster of Arts in Management Spring Lake, NC
Van Hees, ShawnMaster of Arts in Criminal JusticeCary, NC
Vanderlinden, MichaelBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Oxford, MI
Vanzant, ClaireMaster of EducationYulee, FL
Vasser, DavidBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Fort Meade, MD
Vaughan, JosephMaster of Science in Information Technology Placitas, NM
Vaught, RyanMaster of Arts in Psychology Aurora, CO
Velez, ElliottMaster of Science in Information Technology Round Rock, TX
Vergere, JohnMaster of Science in Space StudiesNaperville, IL
VerSteeg, EricMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementLodi, CA
Vickraman, RajeswariMaster of Business Administration Chesterfield, MO
von Stein, JulieMaster of EducationFindlay, OH
Walden, JenniferMaster of Arts in Management Mountain Home, ID
Walker, AdamMaster of Arts In Homeland SecurityPeterson AFB, CO
Walker, MarkMaster of Arts in Management Lusby, MD
Walsh, JamesMaster of EducationCharlottesville, VA
Ward, KatherineMaster of Business Administration Hampton, VA
Wardle, ZacharyBachelor of Science in Environmental Science Belle Vernon, PA
Warren, WendyMaster of Science in Environmental Policy and ManagementSaratoga Springs, UT
Watson, RebeccaBachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Orem, UT
Way, SusanMaster of EducationMinocqua, WI
Weathermon, RomanBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Evergreen, CO
Weaver, JustinMaster of Business Administration Shreveport, LA
Weiner, BrittanyMaster of Arts in Psychology Vandenberg AFB, CA
Wengert, JaredBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Seattle, WA
Westerwiller, JeremyBachelor of Science in Public Health Reynoldsburg, OH
Wharton, SallyBachelor of Business Administration Seattle, WA
White, BrianBachelor of Business Administration Virginia Beach, VA
White, KarenBachelor of Arts in Child and Family Development Cranford, NJ
Whitmore, RyanMaster of Business Administration Warner Robins, GA
Whyte, RachelBachelor of Science in Mathematics Fayetteville, NC
Wieckowski, MarkMaster of EducationOrlando, FL
Wiggins, JamesMaster of Business Administration Bryson City, NC
Williams, HaroldBachelor of Arts in International Relations Newmanlake, WA
Williams, MiriamMaster of Arts in Emergency and Disaster ManagementNew York, NY
Willsey, JamesBachelor of Arts in International Relations Sterling, VA
Willy, ChristopherBachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Colorado Springs, CO
Wilson, MarquitaMaster of EducationForest, MS
Winkler, AnnBachelor of Arts in Child and Family Development Baudette, MN
Wolfe, PhilipBachelor of Science in Information Technology APO, AA
Wood, PaulBachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Fort Collins, CO
Worley, BradBachelor of Science in Information Technology Lompoc, CA
Wright, BenjaminBachelor of Arts in English Denver, CO
Wright, KennethMaster of Science in Space StudiesOklahoma City, OK
Wuorinen, StefanMaster of Science in Sports Management APO, AP
Xirau, ChristopherBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Abington, MA
Yarborough, Monica LBachelor of Science in Information Technology Management Cheyenne, WY
Youngman, KrystenaMaster of Arts in Management Albuquerque, NM
Zajaczkowski, ChrisBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security San Diego, CA
Zamzow, JoshuaBachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Las Vegas, NV
Ziegler, JamesMaster of Arts in Management Corona, CA
Zimmerman, JillBachelor of Arts in Security Management Reisterstown, MD