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Q&AGlobal Mentor Network Quick Tips

1)  Signing-up for the Global Mentor Network
2)  Finding a mentor or mentee 
3)  Joining a networking group
4)  Mentor/mentee not responding
5)  Contacting the GMN administrator

1Signing-up for the Global Mentor Network

The Global Mentor Network (GMN) can now be found in The Quad, the university's new involvement hub!

To sign up for GMN please login to your student or alumni campus and click on “The Quad” link located on the right navigation bar under Student Services (if you are not redirected to The Quad homepage, turn off your browser's pop up blocker). Once inside The Quad:

1. Click My Account under Getting Connected
2. Click on the Mentoring Information tab
3. Select Mentee, Mentor, or select both Mentee and Mentor from the list*
4. Click Save and Continue
5. Click the Online Directory and get started searching for a mentor or mentee.

All students and alumni are invited to join the Global Mentor Network as mentees. Traditionally, mentees are information seekers, looking for academic and/or professional guidance. As a mentee in The Quad, participants can connect instantly with university mentors--either using 1:1 mentoring or through group networks.

Outstanding graduate students and alumni who have completed at least 12 credit hours at our university with a 3.50 GPA or higher; or students who have substantial professional experience demonstrated by their employment history, may become mentors in The Quad. Traditionally, mentors are information sharers, providing academic and professional guidance to mentees. Mentors have the ability to connect with mentees in one-to-one relationships, or connect in mentoring groups.

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2Finding a mentor or mentee

To connect with mentors or mentees in one-to-one mentoring, visit the “Get Connected” tab and select “Online Directory.” Search for members of the mentoring program by selecting a "mentoring status."

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3Joining a networking group

To network, discuss, and share resources with mentees and mentors of the same discipline or interest visit the “Mentoring” tab in The Quad and select “Group Mentoring.” Click on the group name from the mentoring groups list and select "join group" on the group's homepage.  

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4Mentor/mentee not responding

Mentoring partners should give their mentor or mentee a reasonable amount of time to respond to communications. If they have not responded after a reasonable amount of time, select a different mentoring partner by searching the "Online Directory" under the "Get Connected" tab within The Quad, and/or request assistance from the GMN administrator by emailing

Please note: It is essential to discuss communication expectations with your mentoring partner early in the relationship and to keep each other informed of any potential delays.

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number 5 imageContacting the GMN administrator

Questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the Global Mentor Network should be sent to the GMN administrator, Jennifer Souza, at or by calling 877-468-6268 x 8260, option 2.

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