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Recognized Organization Resources

The resources below are designed to assist students and chapter advisors in the pursuit of obtaining and maintaining recognition as a recognized organization. These resources provide both current recognized organizations and those hoping to receive recognition with relevant and up-to-date policies, procedures, forms, tips, and guidance to make the process seamless.

Chartering an Organization | Maintaining Recognition | Organization Forms | Organization Handbook

Chartering an Organization

Interested in establishing a new organization? Follow the guide below for the step-by-step process of obtaining recognition as a student organization. 

Each step below must be completed before moving onto the next step. 

  1. Read the Handbook
  2. State Your Intent
  3. Build Interest
  4. Submit the Application
  5. AMU and APU Approval
  6. National Chartering
  7. Membership Drive
  8. Connect

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Maintaining Recognition

Recognized organizations are required to maintain their status as a recognized organization on an annual basis and during times of change within the chapter. Updated paperwork and forms must be submitted following an officer change, chapter advisor change, membership drive, and annually on September 1, to keep your records up to date with the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs. 

Please note the following are in no particular order.

  1. Renewal
  2. Officer Change
  3. Chapter Advisor Change
  4. Member Communication
  5. Budget Request

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Organization Forms

Organization forms are required for current and student organizations. Forms include:

  1. Intent to Organize Form
  2. New Organization Application Form
  3. Chapter Advisor Agreement Form
  4. Officer Report Form
  5. Renewal Form
  6. Sample Constitution Form
  7. Sample Membership List Form

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Recognized Organization Handbook

The recognized organization handbook provides policies and procedures that clarify APUS’ relationship to recognized organizations. The handbook also reflects APUS’ concerns and interest for promoting awareness, values, and responsible behavior; it was created to assist student leaders, organizations, and advisors by providing accurate information regarding policies and procedures, services, and resources. Using the handbook will allow organizations to be more effective and productive.

The recognized organization handbook includes, but is not limited to, information on becoming a recognized organization at APUS, rights and privileges organizations, responsibilities, maintaining recognition, withdrawal of recognition, officer eligibility, funding and financial affairs, and use of web resources and facility use. The handbook should be read in detail by anyone planning to start an organization, or who are currently involved in a recognized organization.

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