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New Integrated E-mail for Educator and Sakai Classrooms

APUS has partnered with Microsoft to bring you a new classroom communication service: e-mail at the MYCAMPUS.APUS.EDU domain. This e-mail will be available from the classroom (for messages from and to both Educator and Sakai) and will also be available over the Internet from any Web browser, including smart phones.

Each faculty and student will receive a new e-mail account. The accounts will be structured with friendly names rather than student IDs: For example, if your name was Isaac Newton, your e-mail address would be

You can access this e-mail account from the classroom. Your login will be single sign on from the classroom with no additional credentials necessary. Or, if you are not logged into the classroom, you can also access your mail over the Internet by opening a browser and visiting You will log in to your mail using your full e-mail address and your classroom password.

This new e-mail service includes:

This new e-mail service will become available on February 7, 2011. As of that date, all existing mail in Educator ( will be available through a link on the navigation in the classroom but delivery of new e-mail to your account inside the classroom will be routed automatically to your new account.

If you are taking or teaching classes in the Sakai Learning Management System, the e-mail address for classroom communication will automatically be your address. All other University communication will continue to be sent to the address you have designated in the campus information system. You may of course change the e-mail to go to the e-mail address you are issued, thus using this account for all communication with the University.

Please note: per guidelines and academic policy as stated in the faculty and student handbooks, all student/faculty interaction regarding coursework, assignments, feedback to students, questions regarding class content, etc  is to remain in the classroom either using the e-mail function in Educator or the messaging or e-mail function in Sakai. 

We’ll be publishing additional information about the new integrated e-mail service and how to use it and the added features. We hope you’ll find this service to be useful to you as you interact with other students, faculty and APUS staff.