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Udacity, Inc. ACE Evaluated CoursesAbbreviation Key
MOOC credit recommendations are based on the University's current catalog and are subject to change. For more information, please contact
Name of ExamACE
ACE Recommended CreditAPUS Course EquivalentACE Passing Score
HTML 5 Game Development (CS 255)00103 LL EL70% or higher
Interactive 3D Graphics (CS 291)00093 LL EL70% or higher
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS 271)00072 LL EL70% or higher
Introduction to Computer Science (CS 101)00022 LL EL70% or higher
Introduction to Parallel Programming (CS 344)00083 UL EL* (see below)

OMNI399 - Omnibus Credit* (only applies to the program below)

  • BS Information Technology
70% or higher
Introduction to Physics (PH 100)00052 LL EL** (see below)SCIN133 w/lab70% or higher
Introduction to Statistics (ST 101)00062 LL EL70% or higher
Omnibus credit is upper level transfer credit which applies to a student's specific area of study within their Major/Concentration requirements, but for which APUS does not offer an equivalent course. Students for whom this credit does not directly apply may have the same number of semester hours applied as Elective credit depending on their specific program requirements.
This course does not fulfill the General Education Science requirement.