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Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Course Codes

Course Codes apply to other SOC-4 degree network systems with APUS approved Core Degree Network Programs.  APUS currently has approved Core programs in the SOCCOAST, SOCMAR, and SOCNAV Degree Network Systems.

For a list of APUS Core SOC Degree Network Programs, please visit our SOC main page and choose the applicable service.

APUS Course

APUS Course Name

SOC Course

ACCT101  Accounting IIAC106B
BUSN100  Basics of BusinessBU101B
BUSN120  Real Estate PrinciplesBU106B
BUSN316  Fundamentals of EntrepreneurshipMG105B
BUSN320  Principles of E BusinessMG404B
BUSN415  Small Business Growth and DevelopmentMG104B
BUSN419  International Business ManagementMG106B
CMRJ100  Introduction to Law EnforcementCJ201B
CMRJ200  Police and SocietyCJ202B
CMRJ300  Research Methods of Criminal Justice & SecurityCJ123B
CMRJ303  CriminologyCJ102B
CMRJ306  Criminal InvestigationCJ210B
CMRJ308  Ethics in Criminal JusticeCJ110B
CMRJ310  Drug Dynamics in Criminal JusticeCJ113B
CMRJ314  Contemporary Criminal Justice IssuesCJ125B
CMRJ316  Corrections and IncarcerationCJ401B
CMRJ324  The History of Organized CrimeCJ115B
CMRJ341  CriminalisticsCJ301B
ECON101  MicroeconomicsEC301B
ECON102  MacroeconomicsEC201B
ENGL102  Effectiveness in WritingEN202B
FINC400  Principles of Financial ManagementBU201B
HRMT416  Human Resource DevelopmentMG206B
HRMT419  Recruitment and StaffingMG205B
INFO331  Management Information SystemsMG501B
ITMG321  Information Technology Project ManagementMG502B
LSTD204  Introduction to the CourtsLW013B
LSTD301  Constitutional LawLW011B
LSTD302  Criminal LawLW002B
LSTD400  Criminal Legal ProcessLW046B
MATH110  College AlgebraMH048B
MATH111  College TrigonometryMH049B
MATH125  Math for Liberal Arts MajorsMH051B
MATH302  StatisticsMH073B
MGMT100  Human RelationsBU102B
MGMT310  Principles and Theory of ManagementMG101B
MGMT311  Organizational BehaviorMG302B
MGMT312  Leadership & MotivationMG304B
MGMT314  Management EthicsMG305B
MGMT414  Strategic PlanningMG110B
MKTG300  Principles and Theory of MarketingBU301B
MKTG301  Principles of SalesBU324B
MKTG305  AdvertisingBU302B
MKTG307  Consumer BehaviorBU303B
MKTG400  Marketing ResearchBU304B
MKTG401  Marketing StrategyBU305B
MKTG407  International MarketingBU312B
SCMT370  Principles and Theory of Security IssuesCJ501B
SCMT390  Security AdministrationCJ505B

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