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Certificates of Completion

APUS will only evaluate certificates of completion for courses/programs that have been reviewed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and recommended for undergraduate level credit. To ensure we complete all students’ evaluation requests within the timeframe we have promised, only the certificates listed below will be automatically included in an undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE); the majority of other certificates submitted in the past resulted in no additional credit being awarded.

*Many courses/programs are offered by the same issuing institution, with varying or no ACE credit recommendations; please follow the steps below to verify the specific course completed has been evaluated and recommended by ACE for undergraduate level credit before submitting your certificate(s).

If you attended a school or training program that is not listed and does not issue official transcripts, APUS will not automatically review the certificate for possible transfer credit. If you believe your program has been reviewed by ACE, you may research this online following the guidelines below and submit for our evaluation any certificates of completion which meet all of the indicated requirements.

Searching for your course/program online:
Access the ACE National Guide and search for your course using the information listed on your certificate. You may also search for military occupations and courses using the ACE Military Guide. If you locate a listing for your course:

  1. Ensure that your location you took the course is on your official certificate and matches the locations reviewed in the ACE recommendation. If the locations do not match, the ACE recommendation does not apply.
  2. Ensure that your dates you took the course are on the official certificate and match the dates of the course reviewed in the ACE recommendation. If the dates do not match, the ACE recommendation does not apply.
  3. Ensure that the ACE recommendation is for credit at the baccalaureate (lower or upper) level. Vocational credit cannot be used.
  4. Write the exact ACE ID Number and your APUS STUDENT ID on your certificate.
  5. Scan and e-mail your certificate(s) to or submit via fax to (304) 724-3788.
    It is very important that you fax or e-mail your certificate(s) ONLY to the locations given above. Faxes or e-mails sent to the wrong location are not likely to be recognized and may not be added as a potential transfer credit document in your student record.