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Defense Threat Reduction University

The maximum transfer credit award possible from this specific internal recommendation varies based on the course(s) completed; individual transfer credit award will vary based on the requirements of a student's selected degree program, any additional documents submitted for transfer credit evaluation (TCE), and the University's TCE policies.

Any credit awarded from this internal recommendation is considered traditional transfer credit.


Undergraduate students must be pursuing one of the following programs at the University:

  • Any undergraduate level degree program


  • A student has met the terms of the agreement and is eligible for possible TCE review if they completed a specific course or certification program listed in the table below through the Defense Threat Reduction University (DTRU) during the indicated effective dates and they have not yet had an Initial TCE completed.
  • If an Initial TCE has already been prepared and the student completed the specific course or certification program through the DTRU during the indicated effective dates after the official evaluation was completed, they can send in the updated paperwork. A TCE Update Request Form must also be submitted to initiate the review process.
  • If a student changes their degree program, they are eligible for a review of their completed DTRU coursework for possible transfer credit.
  • If a student has already had an initial TCE completed, their documentation has already been reviewed, and no additional paperwork is to be submitted, they are NOT eligible for this internal policy.

Students must send in a copy of their certificate(s) of completion from the DTRU along with a TCE Application. Documentation of successful completion may make a student eligible for the following transfer credit recommendations depending on their specific undergraduate degree program requirements.

In the table below, click on the individual DTRU course or certification program to see the associated APUS transfer credit recommendation. To be eligible for the transfer credit recommendation, the course must have been completed within the effective dates listed. For the certification programs listed, all of the component courses must have been completed to be eligible for the transfer credit recommendation; while a student may receive individual certificates from DTRU for the component courses, the certificate of completion for the certification program is the document that must be submitted to be eligible for transfer credit.

Defense Threat Reduction University
Individual Courses
Effective Dates
Advanced Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Course (ACWMD)Oct 2010 - Present
Advanced System Survivability Integrated Simulation Toolkit Level I (ASSIST)Oct 2010 - Present
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High-Yield ExplosiveOct 2008 - Present
Civil Support Team Radiological Training Course (CST-RTC)Oct 2010 - Present
Defense Integration and Management of Nuclear Data Services (DIAMONDS)Oct 2010 - Present
Hazard Prediction & Assessment Capability Level 1 CourseOct 2008 - Present
Hazard Prediction & Assessment Capability Level 2 CourseOct 2008 - Present
Hazard Prediction & Assessment Capability Level 3 CourseOct 2010 - Present
Integrated Munitions Effects Assessment Level 2 Course (IMEA-2)Oct 2010 - Present
Integrated Weapons of Mass Destruction Toolset (IWMDT)Oct 2010 - Present
Introduction to Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Course (ICWMD)Oct 2010 - Present
Introduction to Radiological and Nuclear Incident Response (IRNIR)Oct 2010 - Present
Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Improvised Nuclear and Radiological
     Dispersal Device Recognition Course (JEIRRC)
Oct 2010 - Present
Joint Nuclear Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course (JNEODC)Oct 2010 - Present
Nuclear Emergency Team Orientation (NETOR)Oct 2010 - Present
Vulnerability Assessment Protection Option Level 1 Course (VAPO-1)Oct 2010 - Present
Defense Threat Reduction University
Certification Programs
Effective Dates
Advanced Incident Command and Control CertificateOct 2010 - Present
Advanced Incident Response CertificateOct 2010 - Present
Advanced Nuclear Weapons Certificate -- OperationsOct 2010 - Present
Applied Radiological Response Techniques (ARRT) CertificateOct 2010 - Present
Basic Incident Command and Control CertificateOct 2010 - Present
Basic Nuclear Weapons CertificateOct 2010 - Present
Intermediate Nuclear Weapons CertificateOct 2010 - Present
Level II, USAF SF Group/Squadron Nuclear CertificationOct 2010 - Present
Level III, USAF SF Nuclear Policy CertificationOct 2010 - Present
Nuclear Emergency Team Operations (NETOP) CertificateOct 2010 - Present

Please note:

For those students who are not pursuing one of these programs or that have taken a course outside the effective dates listed for this policy, we are required to follow the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations for awarding transfer credit. Credit must be evaluated by ACE and recommended for undergraduate level credit in order to possibly apply toward an undergraduate degree program at APUS.

This internal recommendation policy is valid for the programs listed which may be reviewed each catalog year and credit recommendations may change if the programs or internal recommendation policies are altered and/or re-evaluated.