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U.S. Armed Forces Medical and Health Sciences Training

Students who qualify for this internal recommendation may receive up to 30 semester hours (SH), depending on the course(s) completed. Individual transfer credit award will vary based on the specific training course(s) completed, any additional documents submitted for TCE, and the University's TCE policies.

Any credit awarded from this internal recommendation is considered traditional transfer credit.


  • Students must have successfully completed one or more of the courses listed in the table below on or after January 1, 1999.

Undergraduate students must be pursuing one of the following programs at the University:

  • Any undergraduate level degree program

Students are most likely to maximize their transfer credit award if they are pursuing the following program:

  • Associates of Applied Science in Health Sciences


  • A student has met the terms of the agreement and is eligible for possible TCE review if they completed one of the courses listed in the table below within the effective dates and they have not yet had an Initial TCE completed.
  • If an Initial TCE has already been prepared and the student completed one of the listed courses after the official evaluation was completed, they can send in the updated paperwork. A TCE Update Request Form must also be submitted to initiate the review process.
  • If a student changes their degree program, they are eligible for a review of their U.S. armed forces medical and health science training(s) for possible transfer credit.
  • If a student has already had an Initial TCE completed without this credit considered, the student should contact

Students must send in an official transcript along with a TCE Application: U.S. Air Force coursework requires an official Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript, and U.S. Army or Navy coursework requires an official Joint Services Transcript (JST). Documentation of successful completion may make a student eligible for the following transfer credit recommendations depending on their specific undergraduate degree program requirements:

U.S. Armed Forces Medical and Health Sciences Training CourseAPUS
Transfer Credit
All below transfer credit recommendations may be applied to the Major Requirements area of the A.A.S. Health Sciences degree program OR the Elective area of all other undergraduate programs.
U.S. Air Force
Aerospace Medical Service Apprentice (Phase I) *30 SH
Behavioral Health Technician30 SH
Cardiopulmonary Lab Apprentice30 SH
Dental Assistant Apprentice17 SH
Dental Lab Advanced (Phase I):
     Advanced Porcelain Techniques or 
     Fixed Prosthodontics or 
     Removal Prosthodontics
15 SH
Dental Laboratory Apprentice30 SH
Diet Therapy4 SH
Independent Duty Medical Technician30 SH
Medical Laboratory Apprentice (Phase I & II)30 SH
Ophthalmic Technician / Apprentice20 SH
Orthopedic Technician (Phase I & II)10 SH
Patient Administration / Health Services Management Apprentice17 SH
Pharmacy Technician30 SH
Physical Therapy Assistant30 SH
Radiography (Phase I & II)30 SH
Surgical Service Apprentice (Phase I & II)26 SH
U.S. Army
Behavioral / Mental Health Specialist Course: 68X10 / 91X1030 SH
Dental Advanced Porcelain Techniques Course4 SH
Dental Laboratory Specialist Basic Course: 42D1030 SH
Dental Specialist Course: 68E1015 SH
Eye Specialist Course: 68Y1012 SH
Health Care Specialist Course: 68W10 / 91W10 *30 SH
Medical Laboratory Specialist Course (Phase I & II): 68K1030 SH
Operating Room Specialist Course (Phase I & II): 68D1030 SH
Orthopedic Specialist Course: 91H1026 SH
Patient Administration Specialist Course: 68G1015 SH
Pharmacy Specialist / Technician Course: 68Q10 / 91Q1030 SH
Physical Therapy Assistant (Phase II)30 SH
Radiology Specialist Course (Phase I & II): 68P1030 SH
Respiratory Specialist / Technician Course (Phase I & II): 68V20 / 91V2030 SH
U.S. Navy
Advanced Radiographer (Phase I & II)30 SH
Basic Hospital Corpsman *30 SH
Dental Assistant, Basic / Dental Technician, General14 SH
Dental Laboratory Technician, Advanced15 SH
Dental Laboratory Technician, Basic30 SH
Medical Laboratory Technician (Phase I & II)30 SH
Orthopedic Cast Room Technician / Orthopedic Specialty -P1 (Phase II)26 SH
Pharmacy Technician or 
Pharmacy Technician, Class C or 
Pharmacy Technician (Phase I & II)
30 SH
Physical Therapy Assistant30 SH
Psychiatric Technician30 SH
Respiratory Specialist (Phase I & II)30 SH
Surgical Technologist (Phase I & II)30 SH
Students that receive transfer credit for this course will NOT be awarded any additional transfer credit if they submit a National Registry for Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) Basic certification; the NREMT Basic certification is considered duplicate, regardless of certification date and/or location of military training.

Additional Transfer Credit Award Information:

  • Transfer credit from this internal recommendation policy is nonequivalent transfer credit, meaning it does not duplicate any course offered by the University.
  • For students submitting a JST, experience credit (MOS) for the same course within this internal recommendation policy will be considered duplicate credit and will NOT be awarded.
  • In most cases, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training will be considered duplicate credit of the internal recommendation, and the credit will NOT be awarded.

For Students Pursuing the A.A.S. Health Sciences degree program:

  • Students whose Major Requirements credit award is less than the maximum 30 SH may register for and complete any courses listed within the Major Requirements section of their Academic Plan to fulfill the required 30 SH of their Major Requirements.
  • Students who need additional courses to fulfill the Elective Requirements of their degree program may select any of the courses listed within the Major Requirements section of their Academic Plan if they desire, so long as they have not already completed the course to fulfill another area of their program requirements.
  • Students are eligible to receive additional transfer credit based on all the documents they submit for evaluation, including direct course matches for courses listed in the Major Requirements area of their degree program, as this recommendation does not duplicate any University course offering.
  • For students submitting a JST, experience credit (MOS) for the same course within this internal recommendation policy will be considered duplicate credit and will NOT be awarded. For example, if a student has completed the U.S. Army Health Care Specialist Course: 68W10 and receives transfer credit toward their Major Requirements from this internal recommendation policy, they will NOT receive any additional credit for the 68W10 experience ACE recommendation.

Please note:

This internal recommendation policy is valid for the program listed which may be reviewed each catalog year and credit recommendations may change if the program or internal recommendation policies are altered and/or re-evaluated.