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Initial Evaluation

Any student in an undergraduate degree program who has completed college coursework before but has not yet earned a Bachelor's degree is considered a transfer student and is REQUIRED to submit a Transfer Credit Application.  All students who have any military training are also encouraged to submit a Transfer Credit Application for potential credit.  Over 80% of our students submit a request for an Initial TCE Evaluation.

The student’s official TCE starts after the last document for the student’s TCE file and TCE payment are received.  The evaluation takes approximately 2 weeks from the date the last document and payment have arrived. 

We are not able to start until all documents have arrived, as we evaluate based on what credit may be actually awarded to your current program.  Some colleges may evaluate each document as it arrives to "accept" credit, but the credit is not actually applied towards your program until all documents have been received and reviewed.  This causes confusion as an institution may "accept" many more transfer credits than they may allow to apply towards your selected program.  The application of credits to a program which U.S. military branches, VA and FSA require, cannot be done until all documents have arrived as some credits may be duplicated on various transcripts, and all graded academic credit must be accepted before any ACE Recommended credit can be applied.