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When a student’s initial TCE results have been posted and s/he subsequently completes additional coursework and/or training that may qualify for transfer, a TCE Update is needed.  The student must submit a TCE Update Request Form to request another evaluation. 

Effective November 19, 2007, ALL LISTED DOCUMENTS on the TCE Update Request Form must be received within 30 days of the request submission date for the TCE Update to be completed.  TCE Updates will no longer be completed on documents that were received if there are still documents that have not been received for the student's Update Request.  If at the 30 day mark we are still missing documents, the TCE Update Request will be canceled and the student will be notified.  If a student would like to have the most recent documents received evaluated, s/he will need to resubmit the TCE Update Request Form listing only those documents that have been received.

The TCE Update Request Form can be found in the student's ecampus: Under Academic Plan and Forms, choose the University Forms heading, then the All Forms link.

A TCE Update takes approximately 2 weeks from the date the new transcript is received by the University. There is NO FEE due.

Please contact the Advising Office at with questions about the update process.