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Academic Colleges

A TCE cannot be completed until ALL documents listed in a student’s document log have been received. APUS will assist students in identifying the actions required to submit all their documents, including ordering academic transcripts on the student’s behalf whenever possible; there is no additional cost for this service, and APUS covers any associated fees for transcripts we request. As each document arrives, it is logged into the student’s Document Log and an e-mail notification is sent to the student’s e-mail address on file.  

Academic transcripts from other institutions are obtained by APUS through the following methods:

Transcript Release Authorization (TRA)

Many transcripts from academic colleges and universities are sent to us based on the student's signed TRA Form. Of the transcripts we are able to request, most of them are received back in our offices about 3 weeks from the time the signed TRA arrives at the providing institution; however, in some cases the time it takes for us to receive transcripts back subsequent to our requests is longer, a factor which we cannot control.

When completing the Transfer Credit Application, each institution a student selects will have a time frame indicated by a number of weeks for how long the transcript may take to arrive in our offices after we complete the request. This number of weeks is an average time determined through our historical work with the providing institution. It is meant to help generate an accurate expectation for the student in estimating how long their TCE will take to complete.

Transcripts Students Must Request

While we make every effort to obtain student transcripts using signed TRA forms, there are also many institutions which require direct contact from the student in order to release their transcript and they will not release one to us, even with a signed TRA form. As we cannot order transcripts from these schools, it will be the student's responsibility to request the institution send us an official transcript in a sealed envelope. Any fees charged by these institutions are the responsibility of the student.

When completing the Transfer Credit Application, the student will be informed of any selected institutions that we are aware require direct contact from the student in order to release their transcript. Students are also welcome to search the list below to see in advance if any of their previously attended institutions will require direct action form them. If a school is listed, the student will need to contact the institution to have an official transcript sent to APUS at the address listed below.

Please note: APUS updates this list with the most current information available to us, however it cannot be considered an all-inclusive list. As such, it is possible that an institution which is not listed may also require direct contact from a student for release of a transcript. If this is discovered during the Transfer Credit Application review process, APUS will contact the student to inform them.

Click on the letter below corresponding to the name of a previously attended academic institution to see if they require student contact to release transcripts, or browse the complete list.

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Please have official transcripts mailed to:

APUS Administrative Offices
Attention: Document Services
10110 Battleview Parkway
Suite 114
Manassas, VA  20109


Students who have potential transfer credit from other sources such as military/professional/technical schools & training, credit-by-examination (AP Exam, CLEP, & DSST), and international schools should refer to the navigation links on the left for detailed information on obtaining and submitting the necessary documentation for transfer credit evaluation.