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Getting Started

Step OneDetermine Your Need for a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE)

Initial TCE Required:  Incoming students who have completed undergraduate courses but have not earned a Bachelor's degree, and are seeking an undergraduate degree with our university, are considered transfer students. Transfer students are required to complete a TCE as part of their admission process in order to establish a complete student record.

  • Army (active, reserve, or national guard) students are required to submit a TCE along with your Joint Services Transcript (JST), even if you have never taken prior college courses.
  • Air Force (active or reserve) students are required to submit a TCE along with your CCAF transcript, even if you have never taken any prior college courses.

Initial TCE Encouraged:  Although not required, it is highly recommended that the following students submit a TCE in order to determine if prior education and training can be accepted as transfer credit toward their degree program:

  • Students seeking a Bachelor's degree who have already completed a BA/BS degree
  • Students seeking a Master's degree who have already completed some graduate-level course(s)
  • Students with formal civilian training that has been evaluated by ACE
  • Students who have completed courses from an institution located outside of the United States. Please note: an International Course by Course Evaluation is required to review these documents for transfer credit.

Initial TCE process:

  • The student’s official  transfer credit evaluation (TCE) begins once the last document has been received.
  • The evaluation takes approximately two weeks to complete from that date. 

Steps 2 through 8 below are listed for students applying for their Initial Transfer Credit Evaluation. For an explanation of the various types of TCEs, please review the TCE Types on the left.

Step TwoLocate Your Transfer Credit Application

If you were not routed to a Transfer Credit Application during your online application for admissions, you can find one inside your ecampus at any time. 

  • Log into your ecampus
  • Select the dropdown at the top titled Academic Plan & Forms
  • Select Transfer Credit Application under the Transfer Credit section

Please Note: Before submitting your Transfer Credit Application, please be sure to first complete the Admission Application, your student orientation, and receive your student ID.

If you do not have a student ID and a password, please click here to complete the Admissions Application (AMU Application | APU Application).

  • If you have already received your TCE results but need to have additional courses reviewed, please complete a TCE Update Request form in the University Forms Menu of your ecampus. For more information, please visit TCE Update.

Step ThreeComplete Your Transfer Credit Application

While completing your Transfer Credit Application, you will need to list all necessary documents.

  • For Undergraduate degree programs, you must enter EVERY institution of higher learning you have attended. For Graduate degree programs, you must submit the highest degree conferred transcript, in addition to any graduate level credit that you would like to have evaluated.
  • If you leave out an institution - even if you received less than passing grades, your Transfer Credit Application may be incomplete and the evaluation could be delayed.
  • You may find that some or all of the college information you entered on your Admissions Application will be populated for you. Please fill in anything that is not already on the form.
  • To maximize your transfer credit, please enter any military transcripts and examinations that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE). For detailed information about ACE, click here.

Once you have submitted your Transfer Credit Application, you can consider Step 3 completed. 

Step ThreeYour Transcript Release Authorization (TRA)

A Transcript Release Authorization (TRA) form is used to request academic transcripts from accredited institutions on behalf of the student. In order for the college(s) you listed on your Transfer Credit Application to release your transcripts, we must have a signed TRA form, under FERPA regulations. Once the school receives the request with the signed TRA form, they will mail the official transcript to our school in a sealed envelope. 

  • The TRA form will appear on your computer screen AFTER you have finished the Transfer Credit Application (If the TRA form does not appear on your screen or you are not able to complete it for any reason, please e-mail with your full name, student ID and request for a TRA form).
    • You can also access the TRA form later by reviewing the TCE Request Form under the Completed Forms section of the Academic Plan & Forms dropdown at the top of your ecampus.
  • Please print the TRA form(s), and sign with a handwritten signature
  • Once signed, there are three options to submit your TRA form:
    • Option 1 - Scan the signed form to your computer. Use the Upload TRA Form link located in My Academic Records to virtually send your TRA form. Note: only one form should be submitted per institution listed in your Document Log.
    • Option 2 - Scan the signed form to your computer and email to
    • Option 3 - Fax the signed form to us at (304) 724-3811. 

Once your Transfer Credit Application and signed TRA form(s) are submitted, the Document Services Department will be notified to begin assembling your TCE file.

Please Note:  Some institutions will not accept third party requests; if APUS Is not able to request your previous transcripts, you will be notified. Click here for a list of schools that must be contacted by the student in order to release transcripts. Schools change their request methods often, there may be additional schools added frequently to this list.

Step FiveSend Your TCE Documents to Us

Aside from any transcripts we will be ordering for you once we get your signed TRA form(s), there may be other documents needed for your TCE that you will need to send to us:

  • As stated in step 4, any transcripts from schools that will not accept third party requests. Click here for a list of schools that require students to order their own transcripts.
  • Any military training certificates or documents. Please note, we will be requesting your Joint Services Transcript (JST) if you listed the document on your Transfer Credit Application
  • Any copies of test scores that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) and recommended for college level credit (i.e. AP Exams, CLEP, DSST, DANTES, etc.).
  • Any international transcript evaluation reports. International/Non-US College transcripts must be evaluated by recognized foreign credential evaluation service agencies. For detailed information about submitting international transcripts, please click here.
  • Any other certificates. Click here for a list of certificates that are acceptable.

You will be responsible for submitting these documents as APUS is not able to submit third party requests on your behalf. 

Please have official university or college
transcripts mailed to:

Certificates and other military
documents may be faxed to:

APUS Administrative Offices
Attention: Document Services
10110 Battleview Parkway
Suite 114
Manassas, VA  20109

(304) 724-3788

or may be scanned and sent
via e-mail to:

Please note:

  • For Undergraduate degree programs, you must submit official transcripts from EVERY institution of higher learning you have attended. For Graduate degree programs, you must submit the highest degree conferred transcript, in addition to any graduate level credit that you would like to have evaluated.
  • All official transcripts for TCE must be received in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution.

Step SixTrack Your TCE Documents

As each document for your TCE file is received, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. Students can view ALL of the documents that have been received as well as those which may be outstanding by logging into the ecampus:

  • Select the dropdown at the top titled Academic Plan & Forms
  • Select Document Log under the My Status & Records section 

As each document arrives, it is logged into the student’s Document Log and an e-mail notification is sent to the student’s e-mail address on file. (To update your e-mail address at any time, log in to your ecampus and use the Change Contact Information link on the left.)

If you have any questions regarding your document log or the status of your documents, please email

Once ALL of the documents on your Transfer Credit Application and Document Log are received, your student file will be reviewed, your admissions status will be updated to complete, and your TCE Evaluation will begin. If additional documents or clarification are needed after your student file has been reviewed, you will receive an email regarding this.
Once received, all admission and transfer credit documents are a permanent part of your student record and the property of this university. These documents will not be returned to you. 

Step SevenWait for Your Results

When the Document Services Department forwards your TCE file to the Department of Transfer Credit, each completed course will be reviewed carefully and thoroughly for potential transfer credit toward your chosen program of study by one of our trained evaluators. After the evaluator finishes their review, your TCE file will be sent through a final quality assurance (QA) review before your official TCE is deemed fully complete. 

While waiting for the results of this course-by-course evaluation, we encourage you to register for a course unlike any other you have taken in the past. If you need assistance with your first course selection, please contact

For Initial TCEs, the evaluation will be completed approximately 2 weeks from the date the last document for a student's TCE file is received by the Document Services Department.

Step EightReceive Your Results

Once your file has cleared the QA review, the results of your evaluation will be posted to your Academic Plan and you will receive an e-mail notification from the Department of Transfer Credit to inform you the evaluation has been completed. Your results may then be viewed inside your ecampus at any time, simply:

  • Log into your ecampus
  • Select the Academic Plan & Forms dropdown
  • Select Academic Plan under the Courses & Registration section

Students with questions about academic planning should contact the Student Advisor for their program.