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LOA Student Process

  1. Determine which Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) you may need to complete:

    If you have not done so already, visit the Graduation Requirements page to determine which, if any, LOA(s) you need to complete as part of your graduation process.
  2. Find a Proctor

    You must locate a qualified proctor to administer LOA(s). *Note: Family members are not eligible to proctor your exam. Your proctor must hold a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university or ONE of the following professional positions:
    1. Administrator or faculty member of any accredited institution of higher education.
    2. High school or elementary school teacher, counselor, librarian, or administrator.
    3. Local or regional librarian.
    4. Human resources manager, a training manager, supervisor, or manager of higher rank.
    5. DANTES test control officer, an educational services officer, a base librarian, or an officer.
    6. Member of the clergy
  3. Designate your Proctor

    Once you have identified a qualified proctor, you need to send an email to with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Student ID
    • Your current EMAIL address
    • Program level
    • Program name
    • Proposed graduation date
    • Proctor name
    • Proctor email address
  4. Confirm your Proctor

    Upon receiving your information, the Assessment Office will contact your proctor by email to confirm his/her qualifications and eligibility. Your proctor will need to respond to the email by verifying his/her qualifications and confirming his/her agreement to administer the assessment to you. Once the Assessment Office has established proctor eligibility, they will send your assessment information (including a URL and session number) to your proctor.
  5. Watch for your Notification

    The Assessment Office will email you a notification of when assessment instructions have been sent to your proctor.
  6. Complete your LOA(s)

    Once your proctor has received the instructions and online session number, you will then need to schedule a time to complete your assessment(s). Scheduling your assessment(s) should be handled between you and your proctor. On your scheduled assessment day, you will meet with your proctor and your proctor will log you into the assessment environment. 
  7. Confirmation of your LOA Completion

    After completion of your LOA(s), your proctor should email to confirm that you have completed your assessment(s). Once the Assessment Office has received your proctor’s confirmation, they can clear your LOA requirement for graduation. You can view your clearance on the “My Graduation Info” page inside your campus.

If you have any questions regarding the LOA requirement please visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact

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