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ENGL221 - Scientific Writing

Course Details

Course Code: ENGL221 Course ID: 4651 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

Volcanoes. Biochemistry. Space studies. Whether pursuit of scientific knowledge is for personal interest or career progression, ENGL221 gives you the knowledge and skills to understand how and why scientific writing is different from other writing styles. As a launch pad to study rocket science or gather data to advocate for environmental protection policies, this course will provide the groundwork for presenting relevant data to all scientific disciplines. We will learn the basics and practice writing various sections of a scientific paper, including the abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. ENGL221 will explore the unique structure, style, process, and documentation found in scientific writing. (Prerequisites: ENGL101 or ENGL110)


Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
04/26/22 - 09/30/22 10/03/22 - 11/27/22 Fall 2022 Session B 8 Week session
05/21/22 - 11/04/22 11/07/22 - 01/01/23 Fall 2022 Session I 8 Week session
06/28/22 - 12/02/22 12/05/22 - 01/29/23 Fall 2022 Session D 8 Week session
07/25/22 - 12/30/22 01/02/23 - 02/26/23 Winter 2023 Session B 8 Week session
08/29/22 - 02/03/23 02/06/23 - 04/02/23 Winter 2023 Session I 8 Week session
09/26/22 - 03/03/23 03/06/23 - 04/30/23 Winter 2023 Session D 8 Week session
10/31/22 - 03/31/23 04/03/23 - 05/28/23 Spring 2023 Session B 8 Week session
11/28/22 - 04/28/23 05/01/23 - 06/25/23 Spring 2023 Session I 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the writing and peer-review processes.
  2. State elements of scientific writing.
  3. Produce objective, Council of Science Editors-documented writing.
  4. Explain style and voice appropriate for scientific writing situations.
  5. Analyze scientific literary examples for purpose, style, voice, and documentation.
  6. Describe the differences between scientific writing and other forms of writing.

Required Readings: See the Course Outline below for weekly required readings.

Additional Resources: Additional Resources, when applicable, will be listed under Lessons inside the classroom.

Web Sites: See the Course Outline below for web links.

Book Title:From Research to Manuscript : A Guide to Scientific Writing, 2nd ed. - e-book available in the APUS Online Library
Publication Info:Springer Lib
Unit Cost:$45.47
Book Title:To find the library e-book(s) req'd for your course, please visit to locate the eReserve by course #.
Author: No Author Specified

Previous Syllabi

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