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HCAD652 - Operational Quality in Healthcare

Course Details

Course Code: HCAD652 Course ID: 5186 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

This course is designed to develop the skills that will allow students to create safe and efficient quality healthcare systems through an understanding of the quality management cycle, goal-setting, and goal obtainment metrics. Topics include creating satisfied patients, high quality service, efficient processes, and examining tools used within the field. (Prerequisite: HCAD650 and HCAD651)


Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
05/21/21 - 10/29/21 11/01/21 - 12/26/21 Fall 2021 Session I 8 Week session
06/28/21 - 12/03/21 12/06/21 - 01/30/22 Fall 2021 Session D 8 Week session
07/27/21 - 12/31/21 01/03/22 - 02/27/22 Winter 2022 Session B 8 Week session
08/31/21 - 02/04/22 02/07/22 - 04/03/22 Winter 2022 Session I 8 Week session
09/28/21 - 03/04/22 03/07/22 - 05/01/22 Winter 2022 Session D 8 Week session
10/26/21 - 04/01/22 04/04/22 - 05/29/22 Spring 2022 Session B 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

The APUS Master of Science in Healthcare Administration is seeking accreditation through the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). One requirement for being accredited is that “The Program will adopt a set of competencies that align with the mission and types of jobs graduates enter. The Program will use these competencies as the basis of its curriculum, course content, learning objectives and teaching and assessment methods (CAHME Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Criteria Revisions, Section III.A.1). The competencies identify the most important types of knowledge and skills that APU’s Graduate Healthcare Administration students are expected to acquire and develop, and they serve as the basis on which students’ performance is assessed throughout their time in their program of study. Specifically, the combination of competencies and performance assessments based on the competencies seek to answer the question: What are the most important knowledge and skills that students should demonstrate at graduation based on the learning experiences offered during the program. Accordingly, APU’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, through the feedback of the programs advisory council and faculty have adopted the American College of Healthcare Executives’ (ACHE’s) Leadership Competencies for Healthcare Services Managers.

The domain and associated competencies that will be utilized for performance assessment in this course are:

  1. Communications and Relationship Management
    1. Relationship Management
    2. Facilitation & Negotiation
  2. Health & Healthcare Environment
    1. Health Systems & Organizations
    2. Health Workforce
  3. Business
    1. General Management
    2. Laws & Regulations
    3. Human Resource Management
Course Objective Competencies & Performance Levels Assessment
Assess the quality drivers most important to healthcare stakeholders, including payers and consumers

1. Health Systems & Organizations (C)

2. Health Workforce (C)

3. Laws & Regulations (C)

4. Relationship Management (C)

5.Facilitation & Negotiation (C)

  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignments
Use proper techniques for gathering and effectively analyzing healthcare performance measurement data

1. General Management (C)

2. Healthcare Systems & Organizations (C)

  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignments
Distinguish new technology-based tools that will improve the patient experience

1. General Management (C)

2. Healthcare Systems & Organizations (C)

  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignments
Assess techniques that organizational leaders and improvement project teams must implement to accomplish quality goals

1. General Management (C)

2. Relationship Management (C)

3. Facilitation & Negotation (C)

  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignments
Apply methods for redesigning healthcare processes to achieve more reliable performance

1. General Management (C)

2. Human Resource Management (C)

3. Laws & Regulations (C)

  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignments

Book Title: Health Care Operations Management: A Systems Perspective, 2nd ed. - eBook available in the APUS Online Library Author: Langabeer Publication Info: Jones & Bartlett ISBN: 9781284050066
Please see additional information about accessing e-books here and in the Course Materials section under Lessons.

Web Sites In addition to the required course texts, the following public domain web sites are useful. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources as well.

Note web site addresses are subject to change.

American Psychological Association (APA) Style Website

Purdue Online Writing Lab

YouTube Video on Formatting an APA Style Paper

Microsoft Office Training Website

YouTube Videos on Microsoft Excel for Beginners

Turnitin Website

Book Title:Health Care Operations Management: A Systems Perspective, 2nd ed. - eBook available in the APUS Online Library
Publication Info:Jones & Bartlett Lib
Unit Cost:$163.02

Previous Syllabi

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