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HUMN698 - Comprehensive Examination in Humanities

Course Details

Course Code: HUMN698 Course ID: 3530 Credit Hours: 0 Level: Graduate

This will be a comprehensive final examination for students in the Master of Arts in Humanities program. IMPORTANT: You must have COMPLETED all other courses in the program and have a GPA of 3.0 in order to register for this course. As a Humanities student, you must pass this comprehensive exam in order to have your degree conferred. The comprehensive exam must be taken by the course end date or a failing grade will be posted. If you fail your first course attempt to pass the comprehensive exam, you will need to get approval to register for a second attempt of the course and BOTH final course grades will show in your transcript.

Course Schedule

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Current Syllabi

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • CO-1: Review each course taken in the program, noting the resources, content, and subject matter as it relates to the Humanities discipline.
  • CO-2: List all texts used in the class, including those acquired for research and other assignments, following MLA Style.
  • CO-3: Write annotations for each text or resource, thus conveying the contents of each one.
  • CO-4: Create an annotated list of issues studied and discussed in each class, making note of the connections and resonances between texts, disciplines, and historical periods.
  • CO-5: Write sample essay questions.
  • CO-6: Answer a selection of the sample essay questions.
  • CO-7: Analyze knowledge acquired, texts used, and issues discussed to identify gaps in the student’s knowledge and identify resources and processes designed to help close those gaps.
  • CO-8: Synthesize and articulate important Humanities concepts in response to questions asked.
Book Title: There are no required books for this course.
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Book Title:There are no required books for this course.

Previous Syllabi

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