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PORT100 - Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese

Course Details

Course Code: PORT100 Course ID: 4817 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate

This course will expose the student to the fundamentals of Brazilian Portuguese. The student will learn basic vocabulary, verb conjugations and grammatical usage through workbook and listening exercises. The student will also learn about Brazilian culture through reading and listening exercises. Please note the technical specifications below. These are required to interface with the online version of Rosetta Stone. If you cannot meet these requirements we strongly recommend you do not take this course. Please contact if you are unsure or have any questions. • The ability to download and install the speech component. • A working microphone installed on the computer for speech recognition. • Access to streaming media is also required and should be confirmed before registering for the class.

Course Schedule

Registration Dates Course Dates Session Weeks
04/26/21 - 10/01/21 10/04/21 - 11/28/21 Fall 2021 Session B 8 Week session
06/28/21 - 12/03/21 12/06/21 - 01/30/22 Fall 2021 Session D 8 Week session
08/31/21 - 02/04/22 02/07/22 - 04/03/22 Winter 2022 Session I 8 Week session

Current Syllabi

Students who successfully complete Portuguese 100 should be able to:

1. Listening Skills
Distinguish all the sounds of Portuguese important to meaning.
Comprehend brief sentences spoken within the framework of high-frequency vocabulary, grammatical forms, and sentence structures.
Interpret the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases though logical guessing based on contextual clues.

2. Speaking Skills
Produce all the sounds of Portuguese and link sounds together in sentences with sufficient accuracy to communicate with sympathetic Portuguese speakers.
Use high-frequency vocabulary, grammatical forms, and sentence structures to converse in discreet sentences in the present tense on a range of familiar topics (including home and family, school, work, likes and dislikes, food, and sports) in
everyday situations (such as greetings, asking for directions, answering short questions, expressing basic needs and reactions, or exchanging information)

3. Reading Skills
Interpret non-technical, narrative Portuguese and recognize information written in the present and past tenses.
Recall meaning of words in sentences to accurately answer straightforward questions based on a reading passage.
Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases through logical guessing based on contextual clues.
Recognize errors in peer work.

4. Writing Skills
Create in Portuguese a brief paragraph about self, friends, and family without
committing major errors and with sufficient clarity to be understood by a sympathetic Portuguese-speaker.
After recognizing errors in peer work, students will be able to implement corrections to clarify mistakes.

5. Culture-related Skills
Compare and contrast basic knowledge of similarities and differences in the main
aspects of the varied cultures of Brazil and corresponding aspects of life in the United States.
Demonstrate basic knowledge of culturally conditioned behavior patterns (such as
formality or familiarity in addressing people, gestures used in greeting others, and table manners) and employ those patterns appropriately in the tasks of the course.

Book Title: The RosettaStone materials will be provided via the classroom.
Publication Info: RosettaStone

Book Title:The RosettaStone materials will be provided via the classroom.
Publication Info:RosettaStone
Electronic Unit Cost:$25.00

Previous Syllabi

Not current for future courses.