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SSGS595 - Internship Program

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Course Code: SSGS595 Course ID: 5027 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Graduate

Within this course, students have the opportunity to receive credit for completing an approved internship. Participating in an internship provides students with a valuable educational and professional opportunity. During the internship students explore and gain hands on experience in a field they have an interest in working within. Within the School of Security and Global Studies the primary responsibility for finding an internship belongs to the student, however there are a number of resources in place to help you in your search and application process. Students interested in completing an internship for credit may reach out to their Program Director, Academic Advising, or Career Services for additional information. In addition to completing formal internship hours, students will be required to keep a journal of their internship experiences and will complete a final paper.

Course Schedule

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Current Syllabi

CO-1: Synthesize the internship experience in relation to professional goals.

CO-2: Produce an assessment of a security and global studies issue that relates to the internship.

CO-3: Critique a policy or a framework that addresses a topic relevant to ones program of study and the internship itself.

CO-4: Operate in accordance with ethical and professional standards of the internship agency and university.

Completion of 120 On-Site Internship Hours 50%

Each week students will submit a weekly activity log documenting their internship work hours. By the end of the course on-site hours must equal 120 and off-site hours should at least 30 hours for the term.

Reflection Journals 5%

Throughout the course bi-weekly journal reflections will be required.

Discussion Participation 5%

Within the internship course there will be discussion opportunities within the discussion section of the course. These discussions will cover things from internship challenges to topics covered in the final papers.

Oral Presentation 10%

During weeks 15-16 students will complete a 10-minute video presentation where they will publicly present on their internship experience and final paper. This presentation will be added to the student’s portfolio as a signature assignment, and it will be posted within the classroom for peer comments.

Final Paper 25%

Due in week 15. This project will be added to the student’s portfolio as a signature assignment.

Supervisor Evaluation 5%

At the end of the internship students will have their supervisors complete and submit an evaluation form specific to the student’s performance during the internship. Despite its overall course weight an overall rating of “poor performance” may result in failure within the course.

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Previous Syllabi

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