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MTV Solar Breaks Ground on West Virginia’s Largest Solar Array for APUS

Ranson, WV – November 25, 2011 - MTV Solar today announced that they have begun construction for American Public University System (APUS) on what will become the largest solar array in the state of West Virginia.

MTV Solar will be installing more than 1,600 solar panels on a canopy structure in the parking lot behind the new APUS financial center. The solar array will produce over 480,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, or enough electricity to power 30 homes. The canopy structures, which serve as a support system for the solar panels, are durable, functional and attractive. There will be 15 electric vehicle car charging stations installed closest to the building that will allow employees, students and visitors the ability to re-charge their vehicles. The new APUS system will be commissioned by the end of the year.

“What was once an old rail yard will now be a state-of-the-art facility utilizing renewable energy,” said Mike McKechnie, president of MTV Solar. “We are also proud to use materials exclusively from American manufacturers.” The solar panels are produced by Solar World in Oregon and the carports by ProtekPark Solar in Ohio.

“Tapping renewable energy for this project is entirely in keeping with our commitment to sustainability and corporate citizenship as part of the greater Charles Town and Ranson community,” said APUS President & CEO Wallace E. Boston. “We’re truly excited to be part of this milestone in setting a high standard for other local businesses to emulate.”

In addition to the electricity generated, there are many other benefits from installing solar panel carports such as: sheltered parking and more efficient space utilization, keeping the asphalt cooler and thereby eliminating the “heat island” effect. Solar carports also help protect the asphalt from the elements, prolonging its life.