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Prior to taking your proctored exam, you must submit this form to have your proctor verified.  This form needs to be completed for each proctored exam.

You will be sent an e-mail once your proctor has accepted the responsibility of proctoring your exam and has been verified by the American Public University System.   If your proctor does not accept responsibility to proctor your exam you will need to select a new proctor.

We will send an e-mail to your verified proctor prior to your exam with a unique user name and password.  Once the unique user name and password are entered by your proctor, you may begin your exam.

You will need to coordinate with your verified proctor the exact time and date for taking your exam.

Proctor Qualifications:

Your proctor will have overall responsibility for the security of the test administration. Your proctor must hold either a minimum of a Bachelor's degree OR one of the following professional positions:

  • Administrator or faculty member of any accredited institution of higher education
  • School teacher, counselor, librarian, or administrator
  • Local or regional librarian
  • Human Resources manager, a training manager, supervisor, or manager of higher rank
  • For military personnel: a DANTES test control officer, an educational services officer, a base librarian, or an officer
  • Member of the clergy
  • Senior NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Please Note: Family members are not eligible to proctor your exam. Family members are defined as:

  • Spouse, and his or her parents
  • Sons and daughters, and their spouses
  • Parents, and their spouses
  • Brothers and sisters, and their spouses
  • Grandparents and grandchildren, and their spouses
  • Domestic partner and his or her parents

If you have any questions please contact us at 


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