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Message from the Provost

Welcome! On behalf of our faculty, staff, and administration, welcome to American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU) - recognized universities within the American Public University System (APUS). Congratulations on your decision to pursue a college education, whether for the first time, or as an opportunity to build upon a college education already begun. This decision is an important one for your life and your career and one that demands dedication and time on your part.  Please pursue the most interesting and demanding academic program possible and use this time to grow personally, intellectually, and professionally. Faculty, staff, and administration are here to support you throughout your educational experience now and in the future.

APUS offers you choice. You can choose from a wide variety of degree programs across many disciplines as well as certificate programs or individual classes.  Online formats offer convenience and access to pursue your educational goals, and competency-based programs can help you build upon previous learning to accelerate your progress toward a degree. Carefully select the program and courses that will create the maximum number of options for you in the future. Your academic degree is a credential that you will have your entire life! 

Faculty who care about you. APUS faculty members are known for their consistent commitment to providing you a rich learning experience focused on teaching excellence, curriculum quality, scholarly practice, and service. Faculty members bring to the classroom not only their rich and current discipline knowledge, passion and scholarship, but also extensive experience in their field of practice. Your success is what faculty, staff and administration aim to accomplish! 

Support you can count on. You can also take steps to ensure your academic success. Please use the university resources available to you in the pursuit of your education. These include using our online library and resource center, reaching out to your academic advisor and other student services available to you, researching and using online tutoring services, and engaging in social learning communities. Your active participation and engagement in learning provides a solid foundation for obtaining a well-rounded education. Finally, please use this Student Handbook as your guide to the policies and procedures of APUS. Browse the pages and acquaint yourself with the contents. Seek guidance from your academic advisor.  Ask questions.  Please be active in every aspect of your education. We stand ready to help you realize your goals.


Dr. Vernon C. Smith

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