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Application Information

Application Deadlines: Complete applications with supporting materials must be received by the following dates. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  1. January cohort deadline for admissions is September 30 of previous year. Decisions made by October 31.
  2. May cohort deadline for admissions is February 1. Decisions made by March 1.
  3. September cohort deadline for admissions is May 1. Decisions made by June 30.

Application Review: All complete applications are thoroughly reviewed by a Doctoral Admissions Committee composed of the Admissions Coach, Dean of Graduate Studies, Doctoral Director, and doctoral faculty. The committee selects students based on evidence of outstanding intellectual ability, strong commitment to applied research and practice in the discipline, and demonstrated ability to successfully complete post-baccalaureate study. The process includes an evaluation of your curriculum vitae/resume, professional goal essay, official transcript, three letters of recommendation, writing sample, admissions interview, and prior education and professional practice. 

Waiting List: Each cohort consists of up to 30 students per program per term. A waiting list of 10 candidates is ranked and the committee uses the list to backfill cohort vacancies in the event an accepted student is unable to attend during the selected term. Students on the list have the option of being considered for the next upcoming cohort. 

Admission Deferral: After acceptance into a specific cohort, you may choose to defer admission by one or two cohorts, not to exceed one year from the date of acceptance with a guaranteed place in a cohort during that year. If you do not enter the program within one year from date of acceptance, you may subsequently request to be reconsidered for admission. To do so, you must update your application materials and must submit the nonrefundable application fee. Such requests will be reviewed by the Doctoral Admissions Committee.

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