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How to Get Your Prior Loans Deferred

Establish an FSA Academic Year

APUS is now a member of the National Student Clearinghouse, so your loan deferment request will be processed through them.

You may be able to defer payments on your prior FSA student loans if you are attending at least half time in an academic semester format. To enroll in semester format, you must establish an FSA academic year. This step is necessary because we have course offerings every month, and students are not enrolled in a semester format unless they submit this form.

  • Log onto the AMU or APU website to complete your request for an FSA Academic Year, which is located under Federal Student (FSA) inside the e-campus.
    • If you plan on using Federal Student Aid (FSA), select “My FSA Academic Year.”
    • If you only plan to defer prior loans and not use FSA, select “Deferment of Loans.”
  • You can also establish an academic year through the registration process. Within the registration flow, you will be prompted with questions to determine if you intend to apply for Federal Student Aid or process a deferment on any prior federal student aid loans you have received.
  • Register for all courses that you intend to take in the entire semester. You must be taking at least a half-time course load to qualify for Loan Deferment.
  • You must be enrolled in a semester format for a minimum of six (6) credits each semester as an undergraduate student or at least three (3) credits as a graduate student.

Submitting Enrollment Information to National Student Clearinghouse

  • Your enrollment verification or In-School deferment  cannot be processed  until the start of week 2 of your first courses in your semester, as you must have attended a course beyond the first week before any loan deferments or enrollment verifications may be processed. 
  • APUS submits your current enrollment data directly to the National Student Clearinghouse on the 16th of each month that you are enrolled in classes. The National Student Clearinghouse will electronically notify each of your participating lenders within 10 business days of being updated.  The National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS) is also updated, however is typically a month behind in updating their database.
  • Although most loan deferments are now processed automatically after you have completed your FSA Academic Year and have registered for at least half time in your selected semester, there is a chance that your lender will still send you a paper loan deferment form.  If you receive one, you should complete sections 1-3 or those designated to be completed by the student, then you  may scan and send it to us at or fax it to us at 304-724-3802. We will work with the National Student Clearinghouse to get this processed for you.

Troubleshooting Data

  • If the information in the National Student Clearinghouse does not match your APU or AMU student record, please contact us at to fix this for you. This may happen if you drop or add courses after the initial registration deadlines.
  • Graduates who are reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as fulltime during the beginning of their semester, then drop their 2nd registration for that semester to be halftime, may be reported as withdrawn for the remainder of their semester. If this occurs, please contact to have this issue corrected.

Checking on your Loan Deferment

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