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Student Conduct

You may be expelled for repeated offenses or for a one-time flagrant violation of University policy. If it is decided by the Student Conduct Officer that your behavior is either a multiple offense or is serious enough to consider immediate expulsion, he/she will forward your case to an executive committee. If the committee decides to proceed with adverse action, you will be placed on academic suspension and withdrawn from any current registrations. You will have 30 days to appeal this decision in writing. All appeals will only be accepted if submitted in writing. If you do not appeal within 30 days or if your appeal is not approved, you will then be dismissed from the university. Please see more information regarding the appeals process in the next section of the student handbook.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any instance of student misconduct of a possible sexual nature, which may include, but is not limited to, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, that denies or limits on the basis of sex an employee’s ability to provide aid, benefits, or services to students, or a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from APUS’s programs and activities may be addressed under APUS’s Title IX Compliance Policy and Title IX Grievance Procedures, the implementation of which may include processing under other APUS policies as APUS may determine in its sole discretion.

Falsification of Financial Aid Documentation

You may be denied admission or face expulsion from the university if it is found that you have submitted to APUS or to any third party falsified documentation in order to obtain financial aid of any kind. Please remember that although a medical office may not provide us with any of your medical information, they are able to verify whether or not a document that you have voluntarily provided APUS actually came from their office, or if it has been altered in any way since they issued it.

If you have not yet attended a course beyond the first week, you will be dropped from your courses and your admission to APUS denied.

If you have already attended courses, you will be placed on suspension and will be given 30 days to appeal in writing to Any registrations will be dropped or withdrawn as soon as you are placed on suspension. Please see more information regarding the appeals process in the next section of the student handbook.

Lack of New Student Activity Policy

Effective April 1, 2015, students who receive failing grades in their first two (2) course attempts in their program as a result of not submitting a substantial percentage of the required course work will be dismissed from the university at the conclusion of those courses. This applies to students who fail all of their initial courses as a result of not submitting substantial course work to earn a passing grade. Students who apply for a program change (i.e. Associates to Bachelors, Bachelor’s to Masters, and so on) will also need to pass their first two courses in their new program to be considered in compliance with the Student Activity Policy.

If you have ongoing courses in your current academic semester when you fail your initial courses, you will be placed on Deferred Involuntary Withdrawal status and allowed to complete any current courses that are beyond the first week, though any future course registrations will be dropped.

The only way to appeal this is to pass your current courses

If you are on placed on Deferred Involuntary Withdrawal status and pass your current courses, you will be removed from Deferred Involuntary Withdrawal status and further registration allowed but for no more than 2 courses at a time for undergraduate students or one course at a time for master's level students.

If you are dismissed according to this policy or are placed on Deferred status with no current courses to finish and wish to appeal your dismissal from the university, you will need to be able to provide third-party documentation to show why you were unable to successfully complete your courses or properly withdraw, extend, or communicate those difficulties with the university to avoid failing. Appeals must be submitted used the official appeal form within 30 days of your notification being sent. Only appeals with supporting documentation attached will be considered, and the supporting documentation must cover the full-time period of the course during which work due was not submitted. If your appeal to return is approved, you will be placed on academic probation and limited to part-time registration until your APUS GPA is the minimum required for your program level (Undergraduate 2.0/Master's Level 3.0). The Academic Appeal Request form is located in your campus under the Academic Plan & Forms menu, in the University Forms section.

Inability to Establish Identity of Individual Submitting Coursework

You may also be expelled if APUS determines that the student who is officially enrolled in a course is not the person who is completing and submitting the coursework. You will be placed on suspension and will be given 30 days to appeal using the official campus appeal form prior to your expulsion being finalized. Please see more information regarding the appeals process in the next section of the student handbook.


If another incidence of plagiarism is reported for work submitted after a University Warning was entered in your student record, you will be placed on Suspension pending your expulsion from the university in 30 days. Any current course registrations will be dropped once you are placed on suspension. If you do not submit the official campus Academic Appeal Request form within the 30-day due process period provided, your expulsion will be processed and you will be sent a final notification of this adverse action to your email address of record. Please see more information regarding the appeals process in the next section of the student handbook.

Legal Action

Only a duly authorized agent officially appointed by the President of APUS shall have the right, if deemed necessary, to initiate legal proceedings against a student for violation of public law in any University sponsored site in which University property and/or vested interests are involved.

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