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Appeals and Special Requests Information

Please see the table below for contact information for certain types of appeals and requests. If you do not see contact information pertaining to your issue, please contact the Student Support Center at 877-755-2787 for further assistance.

Notifications of suspension, dismissal, or expulsion are delivered by email to your primary email address you entered on your student record. If you are notified of suspension, dismissal or expulsion, you have 30 days to appeal these adverse actions in writing. Please see the list below to find where to send your appeal. If you have had your initial appeal of suspension, dismissal, or expulsion denied, you may submit an appeal in writing within 30 days of the initial decision to the email address included for this in the initial appeal decision, or you may forward it to the same email address used for the initial appeal and ask for it to be escalated. All decisions of the Provost Office or COO office will be considered final.

Appeal/Request TypeStudent ScenarioWhere to Send Your AppealHow Long it Could Take for a Decision
Academic DismissalIf you have failed the academic probationary period and wish to make a request to be granted another semester based on special life circumstancesacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Admission Denial - Previous Education LevelIf you are denied admission because you are not a high school graduate for undergraduate admission or do not have a Bachelor’s degree for master's-level admissionacademicappeals@apus.edu10 days
Admission Denial - Current High School StudentIf you are currently a high school student wanting to take courses, but you are not a high school junior yetadmissionsdirect@apus.edu10 days
Admission Denial - To Specific ProgramIf you were denied admission to a program as you did not meet the specific admission requirements for that programacademicappeals@apus.edu10 days
Admission Denial - Invalid Information on ApplicationIf you submitted a student application with false or invalid information and were therefore denied admissionadmissionsdirect@apus.edu30 days
Admission Denial - High School or College not AccreditedIf you were denied admissions because you submitted documentation that was not accepted or your high school or college was not recognizedadmissionsdirect@apus.edu30 days
ADMN100 Issues

If your deadline for completing ADMN100 has passed, or you are appealing to skip the assessment, or your admission was denied by your admissions representative due to an unsatisfactory admissions essay

admissionsdirect@apus.edu10 days
Course ReentryIf you dropped a course by mistake and wish to get back in the courseregistrar@apus.edu2 business days
Course ExtensionIf you have completed at least 50% of your course and have a passing grade but need an extension in order to finish the rest of the courseUse the web form “ Course Extension Request Form ” in your student e-campus72 hours
Course Extension DenialIf your instructor denied your course extension request that you submitted through the official web formacademicappeals@apus.edu3 business days
Course Extension - Post Course EndIf your course has already ended and you were unable to submit the course extension request form due to an extenuating circumstance, and you would like to appeal for a retroactive course extension. This may only be granted once during your academic programacademicappeals@apus.edu3 business days after requirements submitted
Course RetakesIf you have failed a required course more than onceacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Death NotificationsIf you need to notify us of the death of a 
Directory Information BlockIf you wish to place or remove a Directory Information Block on your student recordferpa@apus.edu3 business days
Disability AccommodationsIf you want any information on how to request disability accommodationsdsa@apus.edu2 business days for initial information. 10 business days for review of documentation.
Disenrolled - With GPA IssuesIf you were disenrolled for inactivity and wish to return but your GPA is below the required minimum to be readmittedacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Disenrolled - Catalog GrandfatheringIf you were disenrolled for inactivity and wish to return but you are requesting to be grandfathered into your previous catalog. You must still be disenrolled to request this and be at least a senior if in a Bachelor programacademicappeals@apus.edu30 business days
Do Not Contact RequestsIf you wish to have APUS no longer contact you. This can only be if you are no longer an active studentstudentservices@apus.edu1 business day
English Proficiency TestsIf you are a non-U.S. citizen required to submit official verification of your English proficiency and wish to have this waivedacademicappeals@apus.edu10 business days
Expulsion - Academic Integrity BasisIf you were expelled or are on suspension for falsification of academic records or student misconduct in class and wish to appeal to remain enrolled at the universityacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Expulsion - Student Conduct Basis (Record Verification Department)If you were expelled for lack of identity verification documents by your given deadline in the Record Verification process, you can file an appeal up to 14 days after the date of dismissal.RVAppeals@apus.edu3-5 days
Expulsion - Student Conduct BasisIf you were expelled or are on suspension for lack of identity verification, for falsification of financial aid or SAP appeal records , for failing all courses due to lack of any activity, for lack of activity in your courses after 60% mark, or for general student misconduct and wish to appeal to remain enrolled at the universityacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Failed 1st Attempt at Comp Exam or CapstoneIf you failed your first attempt at passing your comprehensive exam or capstone course and wish to have a second attemptgraduations@apus.edu3 business days
Failed 2nd Attempt at Comp Exam or Capstone AttemptsIf you failed two attempts already at passing your Comprehensive Exam or Capstone course and wish to appeal for a third attempt based on special circumstancesacademicappeals@apus.edu15 days
Financial Aid EligibilityIf you have lost federal student aid eligibility due to your GPA or excessive number of withdrawals and failures and you wish to appeal to have your eligibility for federal student aid reinstatedUse the web form “Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form ” in your student e-campus

5 business days after receipt of all required documentation

Grade AppealIf your final grade has been posted. Only your final grade in a course or project may be appealed, and the appeal should be limited to specific charges of unfair action towards you and may not involve a challenge of your instructor’s grading standardacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Late Course WithdrawalsIf you wish to withdraw from your course after the final week has started but prior to the end of your courseregistrar@apus.edu2 business days
Learning Outcome AssessmentIf you are a graduating student who wants to request a waiver of taking the Learning Outcome Assessmentloa@apus.edu15 days
Letters of Pending GraduationIf you have been academically cleared for a degree at APUS and you need verification of this for a third party prior to your official conferral dateUse the web form “Pending Graduation Verification Request Form ” in your student e-campus3 business days
Maximum Course Attempts (150%)If you wish to appeal being allowed to take additional courses beyond the number of credit hours attempted vs. credit hours earned while retaining graduation eligibility. This is separate from eligibility for federal student aid which requires SAP appealacademicappeals@apus.edu10 days
Maximum Course LoadIf you wish to appeal to take above the maximum course load allowed or to appeal your current registration restriction of one course or part timeregistrar@apus.edu10 days
Name Change, Correct DOB or SSNIf you wish to have your name changed in your student record, or your date of birth or SSN corrected, you will need to send official documentation to support this change, such as SSN card or other government issued ID or documentrecordupdates@apus.edu3-5 business days
Penalty Free WithdrawalIf you are requesting to withdraw from a course with a full refund, or to be granted a full refund after withdrawing from a course, due to circumstances outside of your controlacademicappeals@apus.edu30 days
PlagiarismIf you wish to challenge a single incident of plagiarism noted in your record or if you are currently on suspension for plagiarism and wish to appealplagiarism@apus.edu21 days
Special Circumstance WithdrawalIf you wish to have a failing final course grade expunged from your student record based on special circumstance paperwork submitted ( No refund is included )academicappeals@apus.edu30 days
Syllabus RequestIf you wish to see the syllabus on record for a course. This will not always be the syllabus currently in use so is only for purposes of course selection or for transferring APUS credit to another universitysyllabi@apus.edu3 business days
TCE AwardIf you wish to challenge your transfer credit evaluation  30 days
TCE - Transient LettersIf you need a letter from us saying that we will accept a course you are taking at another college as transfer creditcreditaward@apus.edu10 days
SCEP Working AgreementIf you have a Student Career Experience Program working agreement that you need to have signedcareerservices@apus.edu2 business days

Army Portal Issue

GAE (ARMY) TA Hold - Based on Course not on Student’s Degree Map in GAEIf your Tuition Assistance is denied because the course is not on your degree plan with GoArmyEdgoarmyed@apus.edu2 business days
GAE (ARMY) TA Hold - Based on GAE GPA or Physical Training HoldIf you have a hold on your GoArmyEd account due to your Go Army Ed GPA or Physical TrainingThis can only be overridden by ACES Counselor (ESO). You’ll need to enter a CRM ticket in GAE portal. 
GAE (ARMY) TA Hold - Based on No Student Agreement PostedIf your Tuition Assistance was denied because there is no student agreement postedgoarmyed@apus.edu2 business days
GAE (ARMY) TA Hold - Based on Total Program HoursIf your Tuition Assistance was denied as you have already completed the number of semester hours required for your programThis can only be overridden by ACES Counselor (ESO). You’ll need to enter a CRM ticket in GAE portal. 
Missing/Invalid Grade in GAE (ARMY)If you are an Army student needing an emergency posting of a missing grade in GoArmyEdgoarmyed@apus.edu2 business days
Conferred Degree not Posted in GAE (ARMY)If you are an Army student whose degree has been conferred by APUS but it isn’t reflected in the GoArmyEd portal yet and you are currently trying to register in a new programgoarmyed@apus.edu2 business days

Air Force Portal Issues

Invalid Grade in AI (Air Force)If you are an Air Force student with a grade that is not valid posted in Air Force portal, you will need to request your transcript be sent to AFIT. We do not have access given from Air Force to change a grade in the Air Force portal once postedHave your APUS transcript sent to AFIT 
APUS Course Not Listed in AI PortalIf you are an Air Force student trying to register through the Air Force portal and don’t see the offered APUS course you needaiportal@bamtech.netAir Force contractor-timeframe unknown
Conferred Degree not Posted in AI PortalIf you are an Air Force student whose degree has been conferred by APUS but it isn’t reflected in the Air Force portal yet and you are currently trying to register in a new programmilitary@apus.edu3 business days

Navy Portal Issues

Missing/Invalid Grade in NCMIS (NAVY)If you are a Navy student who needs an emergency posting of a missing grade in the Navy portalmilitary@apus.edu3 business days
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