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Appealing to Withdraw from a Course after Withdrawal Period Ends

The standard withdrawal period ends once the last week of your course has started. If you have special, unforeseen circumstances which require you to withdraw from the course after the last week has started, please contact the Registrar at with an explanation of your circumstances in your email. The Registrar’s office will let you know if they will need any documentation prior to approving your late withdrawal from the course. You must submit this request prior to the official end of your course.

If you are already on an extension or you have waited until your course has already ended, you will need to appeal for a Special Circumstance Withdrawal.

Special Circumstance Withdrawal Policy

  • You are normally only allowed one instance of a Special Circumstance Withdrawal. One instance may involve more than one course if your courses were in session at the time of your special circumstance. Additional appeals may not be considered, but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the circumstances.
  • If you are approved for a special circumstance withdrawal, a grade of W will be posted for the course, and any refund would be based on the tuition schedule in the How to Pay for Courses section. This means that you will not receive any refund for the course since you are withdrawing after week 4 of an 8-week course or after week 8 of a 16-week course.
  • If you paid for your course with military TA and your appeal is approved, you should contact your Education Service Officer (ESO). Your ESO or ACES Counselor must be informed of the withdrawal and is solely able to determine if you are eligible for a waiver of indebtedness for tuition assistance. You will be responsible for the non-refunded tuition amount if the military does not agree to waive the debt.
  • If you paid for your course with federal student aid, your withdrawal could impact your financial aid award, as well as your potential eligibility for federal student aid. For more information, please see the financial aid pages on withdrawals and on Satisfactory Academic Progress.


If you’re appealing to withdraw after your extension started or course has already ended, you must demonstrate prohibitive circumstances beyond your control that support your inability to have completed or withdrawn from your course(s) by the deadline to do so. Third-party documentation from a reliable source must be provided to open an appeal for consideration; the Academic Appeals Department can provide detailed information as to what constitutes (but is not limited to) a circumstance that will be considered eligible. Students understand when submitting appeals that they are subject to the criteria used to determine eligibility and must comply with requests for information to support their request. The Academic Appeals Department may determine that validation of authorship of documentation is required and reserves the right to confirm document authenticity as needed in compliance with respect to the student’s privacy.

The Appeal Process:

  • Submit your official appeal using the Academic Appeal Request form in the campus. It is located in the University Forms section.
  • Documentation for your appeal must be attached to the appeal form. If it is too large to send, please contact
  • Appeals may not be submitted over the phone.
  • Students can only petition to appeal within 12 months of the original course end date, not including previously approved extensions.
  • All withdrawal requests will be decided within 30 days of receipt of all required appeal documentation.
  • The decision for your appeal will be sent to the primary email address you have on your student record.
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