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Incomplete Grades (Extensions)

An Incomplete grade of “I” is posted to your course as soon as your extension is approved. An "I" is not a final grade, and no “I” grade may stay on a student record permanently. Your professor will change the "I" to a final grade when your extension ends.

Your professor is not obligated to grade the course as soon as you submit your work but has until 8 days after the official course extension end date.

Please note:

  • If you do not complete work on extension, your final grade will be posted and calculated based on both the work submitted as well as the work that is not completed.
  • If your final grade is not posted within 8 days after the extension end date, please utilize the “Help” Button within your classroom so that the issue can be addressed appropriately.
  • If you have 2 or more current "I" grades on record, you will be prohibited  from registering online for any additional courses until your final grades have been posted and you only have one I grade on your record.
  • Your Federal Student Aid eligibility may be impacted if you have courses with "I" grades.
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