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Dr. Vincent Giordano

Program Director, Criminal Justice

Dr. Vinnie Giordano Ph.D, CAP, CCJAP- obtained his Ph.D. in Human Services with a specialization in Criminal Justice from Capella University. Prior to working with APUS Dr. Giordano worked in the field of substance abuse and behavioral health for 13 years where he worked as a substance abuse counselor in a Department of Corrections-funded youthful offender program. There he maintained positions in counseling and supervising for a 28-day residential and aftercare program, and as the Administrator of Juvenile Services at the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center.

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Each week, the APUS Scholar of the Week initiative highlights a program topic and shares thought-provoking content relevant to current industry news, trends, and world events through the professional insights and academic contributions of our faculty scholar practitioners.

Upcoming Scholars of the Week

  • Dr. Amy Burkman - SOE, Assessment and Accreditation
  • Dr. Nancy Heath - PD, Child and Family Development
  • Dr. Chad Patrizi - VP & Dean, School of Business
  • Dr. Kristen Obst - PD, Security Management
  • Dr. Conrad Lotze - VP & Dean, School of Education


APUS administration, staff, and faculty members who presented workshop at the 20014 Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 6-9:

  • AVP of Strategic Planning Jeffrey McCafferty, VP of Research and Development Dr. Phil Ice, and AVP of New Business Operations Tracy Cosker: All Abroad: International Strategies, Criteria, Expectations, and Challenges
  • President and CEO Dr. Wally Boston, AVP of Institutional Research Dave Becher, Director of Research and Methodology Dr. Melissa Layne, and VP of Research and Development Dr. Phil Ice: Exploring Institution to Institution Swirling Patterns Among Online Students
  • President and CEO Dr. Wally Boston, VP of Research and Development Dr. Phil Ice, Solutions Designer Rob Mitchell, and Director of Research and Methodology Dr. Melissa Layne: Through Google Glass
  • AVP of Marketing Analytics Sebastian Diaz: KM Readiness Survey: Assessing eLearning Infrastructure at King Saud University; Using the Community of Inquiry (CoI) for eLearning at KSU
  • School of Public Service and Health faculty member Dr. Lisa Miller: Leadership Psychology of Close Relationships in Distance Education Administration; Want More Research? Develop a Research Special Interest Group
  •  Director of Research and Methodology Dr. Melissa Layne and Manager of Research Technologies Holly Henry: Emerging Trends in Digital Scholarship

Criminal Justice faculty member Dr. Allan Conkey presented “The New Club Drug Scene” at the Wyoming Criminal Justice Association Conference earlier this month.

Vice President, Community Relations Dr. John Hough was selected to join West Virginia’s STEM Council to provide input on moving STEM initiatives forward in West Virginia.

Faculty Development Instructor Dr. Teresa Williams, Director of Research Methodology Dr. Melissa Layne, and VP of Research and Development Dr. Phil Ice co-published “Online Faculty Perceptions on Effective Faculty Mentoring: A Qualitative Study” for the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume 17 Issue 1.

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