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Dr. Marie Harper

Program Director, Management

Dr. Marie Harper holds a master’s in instructional systems from Pennsylvania State University, and a doctorate of business from Capella University. Her experience is in the areas of human resources, instructional design, online learning, management, and more. Some of the organizations that she has been active and held leadership positions include: Society for Human Resource Management, Organizational Development Network, Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, Students in Free Enterprise, and Delta Mu Delta.

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Each week, the APUS Scholar of the Week initiative highlights a program topic and shares thought-provoking content relevant to current industry news, trends, and world events through the professional insights and academic contributions of our faculty scholar practitioners.

Upcoming Scholars of the Week

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  • Dr. Nancy Heath - PD, Child and Family Development
  • Dr. Chad Patrizi - VP & Dean, School of Business
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  • Dr. Conrad Lotze - VP & Dean, School of Education


International Relations faculty Octavius Pinkard was interviewed by BBC for a story entitled: “The US, IS and the conspiracy theory sweeping Lebanon.” Read the article here.

Cybersecurity Studies Program Director Clay Wilson wrote “Cyber Threats to Critical Information Infrastructure,” a chapter in the book Cyberterrorism: Understanding, Assessment, and Response.

Sociology and Anthropology faculty member Dr. Jennifer Cramer is presenting at the International Primatological Society's biennial Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam this week. In addition, Jennifer also organized a symposium focused on research in West Africa with the help of her 2013 APUS faculty research grant.

STEM faculty member Dr. Francesca Catalano has been invited to participate in a tweet chat sponsored by @SWEtalk. The topic is setting yourself up for student success.

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