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  • Faculty Connect: The faculty portal for APUS faculty members.

    Visit Faculty Connect for exclusive academic information!

    Faculty Connect
  • - The one-stop professional development shop!

    APUS faculty members can now register at the same location to avoid having to check in multiple places for registrations.

  • Leading with Coaching Competencies to Inspire Teaching Excellence

    Using a coaching framework and an ongoing series of “curious conversations,” APUS faculty are empowered to become an active and integral part of the university’s most significant initiative.


Faculty Connect

All academic information and faculty-related tools are housed in the faculty portal, Faculty Connect.  The portal is only accessible to faculty members with an active faculty ID and password (including Deans, Program Directors, and Faculty Directors).  After logging into the portal, faculty are able to:

  • Enter the classroom, the library, myCampus email, and other academic systems
  • Access critical academic news and messages such as alerts to faculty and students, IT systems outage notices, Provost messages, school announcements, and Faculty Director updates
  • Leverage faculty development opportunities, professional practice and scholarship opportunities, and faculty support services
  • Learn about student retention and persistence initiatives and student success projects
  • Visit the academic community and view school pages for important school announcements, tools and resources, and information on colleague activities
  • Locate and reference the Faculty Handbook, browse the faculty calendar and explore other faculty resources
  • Access tools and databases specific to faculty members such as Digital Measures

It is important that all faculty log in to Faculty Connect regularly to stay current on events and information.  The site is maintained continuously and updated by the Academics department.  Faculty members are encouraged to send updates, news, and feedback to or their School Dean.