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DSST ExamsAbbreviation Key

The exam credit recommendations listed in the table below are based on the University’s catalog years 2018 to present, and are subject to change. For more information, please contact If you are following one of the University’s catalogs prior to 2018, please reference the CBE tables for catalog years 2017 and prior for specifics on how the credit recommendations will apply to your program.

Name of ExamTransfer Credit
APUS Course
ACE Passing
Art of the Western World3 SH UG ARHU 400 & above
Astronomy3 SH UG NASC*
(see below)
SCIN134 (no lab)400 & above
Auditing I3 SH UG ELACCT40047 & above
Basic Automotive Service3 SH UG EL 46 & above
Basic Technical Drafting3 SH UG EL 48 & above
Beginning German I3 SH UG ARHUGERM10045 & above
Beginning German II3 SH UG ARHUGERM10145 & above
Beginning Italian I3 SH UG ARHU 46 & above
Beginning Spanish I3 SH UG ARHUSPAN10048 & above
Beginning Spanish II3 SH UG ARHUSPAN10146 & above
Business Ethics and Society3 SH UG ELMGMT200400 & above
Business Law II3 SH UG ELBUSN31152 & above
Business Mathematics3 SH UG EL 400 & above
Civil War & Reconstruction3 SH UG ELHIST406400 & above
Computing and Information Technology3 SH UG ELITCC121400 & above
Contemporary Western Europe: 1946-19903 SH UG EL 48 & above
Criminal Justice3 SH UG ELCMRJ100400 & above
Drug & Alcohol Abuse3 SH UG ELPSYC32449 & above
Electric Circuits6 SH UG EL 46 & above
Environment & Humanity: (The Race to Save the Planet)3 SH UG NASC*
(see below)
SCIN140 (no lab)400 & above
Environmental Science [formerly Environment & Humanity: (The Race to Save the Planet)]3 SH UG NASC*
(see below)
SCIN140 (no lab)400 & above
Ethics in America3 SH UG ARHUPHIL200400 & above
Foundations of Education3 SH UG EL 46 & above
Fundamentals of College Algebra3 SH UG MAARMATH110400 & above
Fundamentals of Counseling3 SH UG EL 400 & above
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity3 SH UG ELISSC452400 & above
Fundamentals of Electronics3 SH UG EL 45 & above
General Anthropology3 SH UG SSPSANTH10047 & above
Health and Human Development (formerly Here's to Your Health)3 SH UG EL 400 & above
Here's to Your Health3 SH UG EL 400 & above
History of the Soviet Union (formerly Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union)3 SH UG OMNIOMNI399400 & above
A History of the Vietnam War3 SH UG ELMILH371400 & above
Human/Cultural Geography3 SH UG SSPS 400 & above
Introduction to Business3 SH UG ELBUSN100400 & above
Introduction to Computing3 SH UG ELITCC121400 & above
Introduction to Law Enforcement3 SH UG ELCMRJ302400 & above
Introduction to the Modern Middle East3 SH UG SSPS 47 & above
Introduction to World Religions3 SH UG ARHURELS201400 & above
Introductory Carpentry3 SH UG EL 49 & above
Introductory College Algebra3 SH UG ELMATH10146 & above
Introductory Cost Accounting3 SH UG ELACCT40146 & above
Lifespan Developmental Psychology3 SH UG SSPS 400 & above
Management Information Systems3 SH UG ELINFO331400 & above
Math for Liberal Arts3 SH UG MAARMATH125400 & above
Money & Banking3 SH UG OMNIOMNI39948 & above
Organizational Behavior3 SH UG EL 400 & above
Personal Finance3 SH UG ELBUSN235400 & above
Personnel/Human Resource Management3 SH UG ELHRMT200400 & above
Physical Geology3 SH UG NASC*
(see below)
SCIN138 (no lab)46 & above
Principles of Advanced English Composition3 SH UG COMMENGL110** or
400 & above
Principles of Electronic Communication Systems3 SH UG EL 47 & above
Principles of Finance3 SH UG EL 400 & above
Principles of Financial Accounting3 SH UG MAARACCT100400 & above
Principles of Physical Science3 SH UG NASC*
(see below)
SC (no lab)400 & above
Principles of Public Speaking3 SH UG COMMCOMM200400 & above
Principles of Refrigeration Technology3 SH UG EL 45 & above
Principles of Statistics3 SH UG MAARMATH120400 & above
Principles of Supervision3 SH UG ELMGMT101400 & above
Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union3 SH UG OMNIOMNI39945 & above
Substance Abuse3 SH UG ELPSYC324400 & above
Technical Writing3 SH UG COMMENGL220400 & above
Western Europe Since 19453 SH UG SSPS 45 & above

* The General Education Natural Sciences with Lab section of any APUS degree program must include a lab component. As DSST exams do not contain labs, the General Education Natural Sciences with Lab section cannot be fulfilled by completing a DSST exam alone. Without a corresponding lab completed, this credit would be applied to the Electives area of a student’s degree program, if available. Please contact with any questions prior to completing a science DSST exam.

** Students cannot receive credit for both ENGL101 and ENGL110.