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Honor Code Statements

APUS Student and Faculty Honor Code Statement

Accept responsibility for my actions at all times.

Practice and promote academic integrity at all times.

Uphold unconditionally the University’s policy of Academic integrity and accept the consequences of Academic dishonesty.

Show consideration for and respect the dignity of all persons.

Honor Pledge

As a member of the American Public University System learning community, I understand and will abide by the University’s policy of academic integrity, as described in the Student Handbook and the University catalog. Furthermore, I agree to the provisions of the APUS Honor Code, and I will not engage in, condone, or assist others in any act of dishonesty or plagiarism. I understand that I will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or academic sanctions if I commit any violations of the University’s academic integrity policies. Finally, I understand that any violation is subject to and may include immediate suspension or expulsion

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