See how APUS offsets its carbon footprint while providing quality higher education

In a world where environmental responsibility is paramount, American Public University System (APUS) leads by example, championing carbon neutrality through our educational model. By prioritizing online learning, we minimize emissions, and by offering eBooks at no additional cost, we reduce paper waste, embodying our commitment to being environmentally friendly. Our approach not only conserves natural resources but also fosters a global community of eco-conscious learners. At APUS, your education goes hand in hand with taking care of the planet.


Passenger Vehicles

This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 24,178 passenger vehicles.


metric tons of CO2

This prevents the release of 101,589 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

This Reduction is Equivalent To…

6.7 Billion

Smartphone Charges


Charging 6.7 billion smartphones each year**


Household Energy Consumption

Saving the energy consumption of 12,804 homes




Eliminating 1,563 flights between New York and Los Angeles

46.3 Short Tons of Waste Recycled

At our environmentally-friendly, LEED Gold Certified offices, APUS actively recycles 46.3 short tons of non-hazardous business waste annually.

This Equates to an Annual Savings of***



384 yd3

Landfill Space


Fresh Water

*52 weeks x 4 trips per week x 37 miles round trip x 36,419 Full-Time Equivalent and 2,200 faculty = 297,211,824 miles or 11,431,224 gallons of fuel (average fuel economy 26.0 miles/gallon).

**These estimates are approximate based on EPA provided data as of March 2024 and should not be used in formal carbon emissions analysis.

***Interesting Facts about Recycling | Florida Tech ( Each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 7,000 gallons of water.