The mission of American Public University System's (APUS) Center for Space Studies (CSS) is to foster collaboration in identifying and creating educational opportunities to support the development of a workforce for the growing needs of the space sector. In conjunction with the  School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), the CSS coordinates space-related educational, research, scholarly, and publishing activities across the University.

The CSS serves as a resource for the public to access information about developments in the space sector, related programs, and events. It also provides access to activities related to the APUS Astronomical Observatory.

The School of STEM currently offers an Associate of Science, a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science program in Space Studies. The Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs contain concentrations in aerospace science, astronomy, and space policy. The programs also offer courses in satellite systems and the physiological and psychological factors affecting human habitation in space. The School’s Bachelor of Science program in Electrical Engineering contains a concentration in communications that covers topics such as RF/microwave engineering, antennas, and radar systems.


APUS offers space-related curriculum at both the graduate and undergraduate levels through American Military University and American Public University. Students can choose from multidisciplinary degrees, certifications and concentrations related to space studies, electrical engineering, mathematics, security, information assurance, cybersecurity, national security, and supply chain management.

Undergraduate Degrees & Concentrations

  • Associate of Science in Space Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Space Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Management (School of Business) with concentrations in: 
    • Project Management
    • Technical Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management (School of Business)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Reverse Logistics Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Certificates

  • Space Studies

Graduate Degrees & Concentrations

  • Master of Science in Space Studies with a concentration in Space Policy
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity (School of Security and Global Studies)
  • Master of Public Policy with a concentration in Space Policy
  • Master of Arts in Military Studies (School of Security and Global Studies) with a concentration in Joint Warfare

Graduate Certificates

  • Space Studies

Featured Faculty

Planewave CDK24 telescope

Cutting-Edge Discovery

APUS owns and operates a Planewave CDK24 telescope, which is the 4th largest optical telescope in the West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia region.


The space studies faculty are facilitating research to address the most pressing problems facing the exploration of space. They are currently conducting research in the following areas: 

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