Many APUS faculty members are scholar practitioners, serving in leadership roles in their respective disciplines. Dr. Samer Koutoubi program director and associate professor of health sciences for the APUS School of Public Health, is one such recognized subject matter expert on the Coronavirus. Dr. Koutoubi is available for media comment on the topic, along with other expert emergency and disaster management and public safety faculty.

In addition, executives like APUS President Emeritus Dr. Wallace E. Boston, Provost Dr. Vernon Smith and Associate Dean of Alternative Learning Dr. Cali Morrison are available to comment on the instructional delivery, public policy and technology implications of the COVID-19 crisis from the unique perspective of one of the nation's leading fully-online higher education institutions. If you are a media representative and would like to connect with Dr. Koutoubi or another APUS expert, please contact  [email protected] or [email protected].

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