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Academic Experts

Many of our faculty members are scholar practitioners, serving in leadership roles in their respective disciplines. You’ll find them speaking at respected industry conferences, sharing expert insights on our blogs, conducting research that’s specific to their disciplines, and working with academic and corporate partners to share knowledge and achieve innovative advancements in their fields.

Our experts include people like Management Program Director Dr. Marie Gould Harper, Political Science Faculty Member Dr. Stephen Schwalbe, Criminal Justice Faculty Member Dr. Michael Pittaro, Reverse Logistics Program Director Dr. Robert Gordon, and many more. They’re often called upon as media and industry speaking resources. If you would like to connect with our APUS experts for this or a related need, please contact us at

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Content that Pushes Your Mind

We're a leading provider of quality education to motivated professionals worldwide, and our reputation was earned by focusing on graduate success. That's why we offer analysis and discussion that encourages deeper disciplinary information sharing and offers rich insights into how our education programs can help you advance in your career.  

We’re launching into a new era in content publishing that’s transforming information sharing and setting us apart as a quality university, dedicated to student outcomes. We’re leading the way with innovative instruction and by sharing faculty expertise through the classroom and our unmatched online publications. With a diverse portfolio of industry-focused content reaching hundreds of thousand readers monthly, our faculty and staff routinely publish valuable commentary regarding the trending issues affecting your industry and career.

Human Rights and International Conflict

Dr. Elise Carlson-Rainer, doctoral program faculty member, discusses the causes that lead to international conflict and why addressing human rights as a facet of foreign policy is relatively new. Watch video.

The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea

Dr. Matthew Crosston, doctoral program faculty member, discusses the state of nuclear weaponry in North Korea. Watch video.