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M.A. Criminal Justice Assessment Results

Program Learning Outcomes

By using various assessment tools and/or rubrics within the classroom, American Public University System (APUS) is able to capture a snapshot of students’ success in fulfilling their program outcomes.  Signature assignments, generally in the final course of a program, are used to assess students’ proficiency in meeting each program outcome (PO).  In order to show proficiency in an area, a student must achieve a score of 85% or greater. American Public University System strives to have 70% or more (university benchmark) of our students reaching the 85% proficiency standard. When this benchmark isn't met, action is taken to improve curriculum and instruction to better serve our students. The below chart shows combined results of M.A. Criminal Justice students at APUS.

  • PO#1- Distinguish between the major systems of criminal justice and how the functions of police, prosecution, courts, and corrections interface.
  • PO#2- Analyze biological and psychological theories and philosophies of criminal behavior as they influence modern developments in punishment, sentencing, and corrections.
  • PO#3- Evaluate definitions, objectives, and issues of new or emergent criminal threats such as terrorism and how they compare and contrast with traditional criminal behavior theories.
  • PO#4- Assess the rule of law and changes to it as it pertains to direct and indirect influence and impact on social reactions to crime, corrections, and victims of crime.
  • PO#5- Critically examine landmark criminal justice cases, from the Supreme Court down to local levels, and determine their cultural, social, and economic impact.
  • PO#6- Apply the concepts of professional and ethical behavior within the criminal justice system.

M.A. Criminal Justice PO Data

End of Program Survey

Student satisfaction is extremely important at American Public University System. Students are asked to complete a survey at the conclusion of their program to give insight on their experience. Below are anonymous, self-reported results, from the End of Program survey, for students in the M.A. Criminal Justice Program.

M.A. Criminal Justice EOP Survey Results