American Public University System requires all undergraduate students to participate in our Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) process. This process includes the completion of the Peregrine General Education (PGE) assessment. This assessment is designed to measure student learning. LOA results are used to inform the University System of student performance in designated fields so that areas for improvement can be identified within specific APUS academic programs and/or courses.

Students are contacted via email within a week of submitting a graduation application with details on how to fulfill the LOA requirement. This will include step-by-step instructions to complete the online assessment. Students should plan to complete the LOA requirement prior to their intended conferral date. If the LOA requirement has not been met by the conferral date, the student will be moved to the following conferral. APUS will not issue final transcripts or a diploma until this requirement has been completed.

Peregrine General Education (PGE)

The PGE assesses general academic skills, and contains all multiple-choice questions. Peregrine Academic Services, the higher education division of Peregrine Global Services, provides nationally normed, summative assessment services used by institutions of higher education for internal and external programmatic evaluation. The assessment is customized to best serve the needs of the university. The assessment is used to comprehensively evaluate retained student knowledge associated with the academic degree program’s learning outcomes.

For more information on the PGE, please visit the Peregrine website at