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Exoplanet Transit Photometry

Research Overview

Dr. Ed Albin is leading students in utilizing the APUS telescope for photometric observations of exoplanets. Exoplanets are newly discovered planets around other stars. To date, thousands of such exoplanets have been discovered by space observatories such as Kepler and TESS. We are conducting follow-up observations to assist in delineating orbital and physical properties of these worlds around other stars. Exoplanets are a hot topic in the field of astronomy and an exciting area of research where our observatory can contribute original data to science.

data graph

As an exoplanet transits (moves in front of its star), there is a dimming in the star’s light curve, as shown it the sketch.  Details of this dip in the light curve can help establish the size of the exoplanet.


WASP-10b Exoplanet Transit


WASP-10b Exoplanet Transit Light Curve

Primary Researcher

Ed Albin