Astronomy is an exciting and growing field. Every day, important new discoveries and advances are being made worldwide. The links on this page will help you to learn more about current research efforts in astronomy and space exploration.

Astronomy Resources

NASA’s astronomy picture of the day (APOD) website is an excellent repository of some of the fascinating and beautiful images taken by both earth-based and space-based telescopes. Each day, a new image is featured and there are searchable archives of previous images.

NASA maintains current social media accounts on a wide variety of platforms.  They are a great resource for learning about current discoveries and events in space research and exploration.

Sky and Telescope Magazine maintains an informational site with reliable, current astronomy news. One of the best features on their website is the ‘ Sky at a Glance’ page, which gives a quick reference for which objects are visible in the night sky each day.

APUS Resources


Our University blogs AMU Edge and APU Edge serve as a reliable resource for keeping up to date on the latest developments, observations, discoveries in space and more.
Follow our Twitter account @APUSstem to learn about exciting current initiatives in the APUS Space Studies program.

APUS has many opportunities for students in space studies to network, compete, and become involved. Our student chapters are active, meaningful, and completely online: