Role of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

The IAC is a forum of constituencies with the goal of reviewing and defining the mission of the CCD in the maintenance of its NCAE-C designation, in response to the changing needs of society, and the cybersecurity community. The IAC may also review and suggest the specific outcomes of the Center.


  • A CCD Director will serve as the chair of the IAC.

Members (No More than 15) of the IAC Will Consist of:

  • Two External NSA CAE Institution Point of Contacts
  • Two Military Representatives
  • Two External Academia Representatives
  • Four Industry Representatives
  • Two Government Level Representatives
  • Two APUS Alumni Representatives
  • One International Representative
  • Chairs, each POS

Membership Term

  • IAC members are expected to serve for two years and may be renewed at the discretion of the Center Directors.

Meeting Frequency

  • IAC meetings will occur at least once per year. Supplemental meetings may be called by the Chair to address timely issues.
  • In general, the CCD IAC shall operate using a consensus decision-making process. As  such, the CCD members must be committed to refining recommendations such that every member is able to agree with and stand behind.

Role/Expectations of the IAC Members

  • To attend scheduled meetings.
  • A member who misses two consecutive meetings may be asked to resign from the IAC. Should they choose not to resign, the chair of the IAC may choose to remove that member.
  • To prepare for the meetings by reading all pre-meeting materials.
  • To present ideas related to their individual area of interest and expertise.