This information includes costs, median debt, and state licensure requirements.

Master's in Military Studies-Capstone Option

Graduate Certificate in National Security Studies

Master's in Nursing

Master's in Nursing, RN to MSN

Master's in Political Science-Capstone Option

Master's in Political Science

Master's in Psychology

Master's in Public Administration-Capstone Option

Master's in Public Administration

Master's in Public Health-Capstone Option

Master's in Public Health

Master's in Public Policy

Master's in Reverse Logistics Management

Graduate Certificate in Security Management

Master's in Sociology

Graduate Certificate in Space Studies

Master's in Sports Management

Bachelor's in Sports Management

Master's in Education: Online Teaching

Master's in Supply Chain Management

Master's in Transportation and Logistics Management-Capstone Option

Associate in Administration

Associate in Culinary and Foodservice Management

Associate in Data Science

Bachelor's in Data Science

Master's in Education: Educational Leadership

Associate in Cybersecurity

Master's in International Relations and Global Security

Associate in Interdisciplinary Studies

Associate in Legal Studies

Bachelor's in Computer Science (BA)

Bachelor's in Computer Science (BS)

Bachelor's in Esports

Bachelor's in Human Resource Management

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in International, Military, and Maritime Law

Graduate Certificate in Design Thinking

Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

Graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Crisis Management

Graduate Non-Degree Seeking in Graduate Courses for Transfer

Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Master's in Nursing - Community and Public Health Nursing

Master's in RN to MSN

Master's in RN to MSN - Community and Public Health Nursing

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Advanced Cybersecurity/Cybercrime

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Business Continuity

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Business Project Management

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in CounterIntelligence

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Criminal Intelligence

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Cyber Intelligence

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Entrepreneurship

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Geospatial Intelligence

Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Logistics

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Operational Crisis Management

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Organizational Effectiveness

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Organizational Leadership

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Public Administration and Contemporary Security Management

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Security Organizational Leadership

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Teaching Adult Learners Online

Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Administrative Law and Court Procedures

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Airport Transportation Security

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Business Analytics

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Business Continuity

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Business Project Management

Undergraduate Certificate in CounterIntelligence

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Criminal Evidence and eDiscovery

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Criminal Intelligence

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Cyber Intelligence

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Cybersecurity/Cybercrime

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Geospatial Intelligence

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Security Planning

Master's in Intelligence Studies-Capstone Option

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Introduction to Mobile Computing

Undergraduate Certificate in IT Project Management Essentials

Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Legal Support Fundamentals

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Litigation Support Essentials

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Mobile Security

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Operational Crisis Management

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Retail Fundamentals

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Retail Operations Management

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in School and Campus Security Fundamentals

NanoCert™ – Graduate in Terrorism

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in U.S. Government Security Fundamentals

NanoCert™ – Undergraduate in Workplace Initiatives for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Undergraduate Certificate in Pre-Health

Undergraduate Courses for Transfer in Undergraduate Courses for Transfer