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WJLA Channel 7: Let's Talk Live
APU is well-positioned to serve adult learners in a changing higher education marketplace, according to Provost Dr. Vernon Smith.


Matthew Crosston, AMU program director of intelligence studies, expressed doubts the safe zone plan would work.


Dice Insights
The demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals far outweighs the supply, according to Dr. Kevin Harris, program director, Cybersecurity, Information Systems Security and Information Technology.


Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine
There are opportunities for Army nurses for advanced degrees and to develop their leadership skills, said Holcomb.


Globe Post
LGBTI rights remain contested globally, and recent political trends reveal a regression, according to Dr. Elise Carlson-Rainer, assistant professor of international relations.


United Press International
Before a disaster ever happens, emergency managers assess areas to determine places that are most at risk, according to Dean of Academic Outreach & Program Development Dr. Chris Reynolds


Domestic Preparation Journal
Overall, the combined efforts of local, state, and federal emergency management officials in 2018 were commendable, according to Emergency Management Faculty Allison G.S. Knox and Dean and Vice President of Academic Outreach & Program Development Dr. Chris Reynolds.


Cyberdefense Magazine
Blockchain technology today has a potentially significant role in the development of industry-specific cybersecurity defenses and systems, according to Dr. Kevin Harris, program director of information systems security and information technology management.


FM News
“My research has found that both the positive and the adverse coping mechanisms for dealing with police stress are similar around the world,” said Dr. Jarrod Sadulski, professor, School of Security and Global Studies.


CNS News
A vote to delay Brexit appears the most likely outcome, according to Dr. Matthew Crosston, associate professor of security and global studies.


Business Chief Magazine
Students, especially as they’re becoming younger and younger and taking more online courses, require a digital experience, according to Dr. Karen Srba, VP of Academic and Instructional Technology.


Ms. Magazine
The US is the only industrialized nation that does not subsidize or provide universal childcare, according to Doctoral Faculty Dr. Elise Carlson-Rainer.


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